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Vietnam Golf Courses: MerryLand Golf Club Aims To Be Best Golf Courses in Vietnam

Vietnam Golf Courses – MerryLand Golf Club

BLUEBELL TOURS VIETNAM – MerryLand Golf Club is 18-hole golf courses in Vietnam, located in Quy Nhon City. Designed by Greg Norman who ensures this will be an excellent place for both international and Vietnamese golfers enjoy the best golf courses in Vietnam here. Owning stunning landscapes, overlooking to the ocean, hi-end services and facilities, MerryLand Golf Club aims to be the best golf courses in Vietnam and will be international golf destination in Vietnam.



Vietnam golf courses – MerryLand Golf Club is 18-hole golf course is fully invested in design, integrated 5-star facilities and professional operation team. Since it was first planed, the designing team set the target to build the most beautiful golf courses in Vietnam. The team put all efforts to drive MerryLand Golf Club to be the best golfing destination for Vietnamese and international golfers who love to play golf in Vietnam.

vietnam golf courses

Howie Roberts, an internationally recognized golf course operator, has just assumed the role of Managing Director and developing the MerryLand Golf Club in Quy Nhon City. Mr. Roberts has 25 years of experience as an Operations Manager at many famous golf courses in Southeast Asia and the Middle East such as Yas Links Abu Dhabi, The Montgomerie Dubai, Sutera Harbor in Malaysia, Cengkareng in Indonesia, BRG Danang Golf Resort in Vietnam…

Mr Roberts is a member of the Professional Golf Association in the UK (PGA), the world’s oldest golf association with more than 8,000 members from 80 countries. He also joined the Association of Club Managers in Europe (CMAE), which organizes prestigious educational programs to enhance the professional skills of more than 4,000 sports club managers from 40 countries globally.

vietnam golf courses

Mr Howie Roberts has just shared about the difference of MerryLand Golf Club in vietnam as well as the golf course development plan.

Having managed to operate many famous golf courses in the world, what brought you to MerryLand Golf Club?

Creating a world-class golf course, the vision for MerryLand Golf Club is truly amazing and I want to be a part of that journey.

This golf course itself is very unique because of its special terrain, prime location and strengths integrated in the “peninsula city” MerryLand Quy Nhon. This Vietnam golf courses is designed to international standards with a length of more than 7,200 yards, 18 holes with a variety of teebox options, suitable for players of all abilities. This 72 par golf course in Vietnam also offers a stunning view of Mai Huong Bay as it sits on a gentle hillside overlooking the sea.

In your opinion, what is the difference of MerryLand Golf Club compared to other Vietnam golf courses?

The difference of MerryLand Golf Club comes from the project’s topography because of its unique terrain between the mountains and the bay. The spirit of golf is fully conveyed here, from the varied hole design, the bumpy terrain that defines the tee boxes, to the unique obstacles that cross the winding fairways and greens carefully pruned.

Vietnam golf courses – MerryLand Golf Club will create rich experiences, both challenging professional golfers with dangerous bunkers, and helping new players to practice comfortably. In particular, this place also captivates golfers with the enchanting landscape in the middle of Hai Giang peninsula.

How are functional areas at MerryLand Golf Club invested to increase the experience for players?

From the design of the yard, 5-star facilities are integrated in the clubhouse such as restaurant, bar, lounge, changing room and health care area… all of which are purpose-built aims to enhance the overall experience, bringing the highest satisfaction to all those who are passionate about this trendy sport.

You can also find here a Pro shop with a wide range of the latest apparel, accessories and gear from famous brands like Callaway, Titleist, Ping & TaylorMade… is expected to offer high-class services and facilities, showing the difference and class for famous international politicians, businessmen and stars when attending events at MerryLand Golf Club.

In particular, this Vietnam golf courses can host professional golfers and organize international tournaments, while providing a diverse experience for new players, both Vietnamese domestic guests and international guests, businessmen or family guests.

In your opinion, what are the important factors contributing to the optimal operation of MerryLand Golf Club in the future?

We have made a specific plan for activities at MerryLand Golf Club. In which, building the customer journey will be the top priority, the operation team will focus mainly on enhancing the player experience. In particular, technology will play an important role, making the internal operations smooth to bring a great experience journey for members and customers to enjoy best golf tours in Vietnam.

In addition to this Vietnam golf courses, supporting entertainment services are also very important. Golfers on the course can go with their families to the resort and explore the adjacent utility ecosystem. Being located in the “peninsula city” MerryLand Quy Nhon Golf Club with a variety of experience activities helps increase the length of stay, allowing guests to stay with the club longer and return more times.

It can be seen that MerryLand Quy Nhon Golf Club simultaneously takes on all three roles: serving residents of the “peninsula city”, golfers and tourists.

What do you expect from MerryLand Golf Club’s potential?

Vietnam is one of the countries with the fastest growth in the golf market in the world with about 100 golf courses in Vietnam (according to Forbes). Hung Thinh Corporation will create a golf course ready for prestigious international professional tournaments, a favorite destination for golfers around the world. Of courses, we want to include MerryLand Golf Club in the ranking of the best golf courses in the world.

On the other hand, the potential of golf in the East Sea of Vietnam is just beginning to be discovered. As a golf course that emphasizes sustainable harmony and balance between golf and nature, MerryLand Golf Club focuses on preserving the natural features of the terrain in addition to investing and building high-class utility services. We want to position MerryLand Golf Club to become a symbol of MerryLand Quy Nhon smart commercial tourist peninsula city, attracting visitors and especially bringing high value to owners of bizhouses and villas in this megacity.

Currently MerryLand Golf Club is under active construction and is expected to open to guests at the end of the first quarter of 2024. I believe that everything one would expect from a world-class golf course will be present here.


On unique and challenging terrain, MerryLand Golf Club was designed by the legendary Greg Norman to be an outstanding destination offering exclusive privileges to players to enjoy best golf tours in Vietnam.

Golfers will experience the most prestigious golf course in Vietnam at the international-class smart commercial tourist peninsula city project MerryLand Quy Nhon Golf Club. Designed by Greg Norman, MerryLand Golf Club – an 18-hole coastal golf course will be a masterpiece of exciting challenges, unique terrain, original nature and professional experiences from Greg Norman. This is to be sure that, all golfers will enjoy wonderful golf tours in Vietnam.

vietnam golf courses

Vietnam golf courses – MerryLand Golf Club is one of the projects that Greg Norman devotes a lot of attention to. He and his associates especially praised the terrain of this golf course when they first came to survey the location to build this golf courses in Vietnam: This place possesses a spectacular terrain located between the bay and the sea, worthy of creating a spectacular golf course.

MerryLand Golf Club is located on a steep hillside connecting directly to the sea with uneven rocky land. This is the ideal terrain to create unique and dramatic “bunkers”, challenging the imagination and perseverance of golfers for the best golf tours in Vietnam.

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