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BLUEBELL TOURS VIETNAM – There are so many travel destinations in Vietnam; especially in the North of Vietnam. Lao Cai – the Northwest province have always captivated travel enthusiasts with their wild natural beauty, unique culture, vibrant costumes, and delectable cuisine. Many travelers come to Lao Cai to discover Sapa, one of the most famous Vietnam travel destinations. Recently, more wonderful places to visit in Lao Cai Province have been attracting more travelers who love to enjoy wonderful tours in Vietnam.

The northwest provinces have always captivated travel enthusiasts with their wild natural beauty, unique culture, vibrant costumes and delectable cuisine. Among these provinces, Lao Cai stands prominently. Here are some enticing new tourist attractions that will make your trip to Lao Cai Province even more memorable. It is one of the great Vietnam travel destinations.


Situated approximately 40km southeast of Lao Cai City, Phin Ho Village in Ta Thoi Commune rests at an elevation of 1,700m above sea level, nestled against the majestic Hoan Lien Son mountain range.

To reach the village, visitors must traverse a valley adorned with captivating natural landscapes, a crystal-clear stream, and terraced fields on both sides.

Alongside Phin Ho Thau and U Si Sung villages, Phin Ho is often dubbed the “Sa Pa” of Lao Cai City due to its captivating scenery and ideal climate.

In Phin Ho, people have preserved primeval forests with trees that are hundreds of years old. Under the dense forest canopy you will find aromatic cardamom fields, while on the forest’s edge are orchards of Tai Nung pears, plums and the lush carpet of tea plantations. It is the best time to visit the area during blooming season.

Visiting Phin Ho allows you to immerse yourself in the unique ethnic culture of the H’mong, Dao, and neighboring villages, including Xa Pho, Giay and Tay communities. Relish typical culinary delights such as rattan fruit juice, rice wine, dried buffalo meat, black sticky rice cake and wild mushrooms; it will bring travelers great experience for tours in Vietnam.

The people of Phin Ho are friendly and warm, eagerly welcoming tourists to experience their way of life. Visitors can engage in activities like farming, exploring cardamom forests, gathering forest vegetables, and even fishing in the streams.

If you happen to visit the village on a Sunday, you can also witness the vibrant market held in the commune center, offering a plethora of agricultural products that will fulfill experience in this stunning Vietnam Travel Destination.


Located approximately 8km from Sa Pa Town center, O Long Tea Hill can be reached by following National Highway 4D, which is also the main road to Silver Waterfall and O Quy Ho Pass. The tea hills are visible from the highway itself.

Due to its position on the main road to O Quy Ho Pass, O Long Tea Hill is also referred to as O Quy Ho Tea Hill. Travelers come to Sapa to enjoy tours in Vietnam should not miss this place.

This tea hill is set among the untamed landscapes of the northwest mountains and forests, refreshing air, and rows of cherry blossom trees planted along the pathways surrounding the hill.

During the blossoming season, these cherry blossoms radiate vibrant shades of pink, contrasting beautifully with the lush green tea hills and creating a picturesque and poetic landscape. The most suitable time to enjoy the blossoms is generally from early December to January. This also help to turn this to be one of the beautiful Vietnam travel destinations.

The cherry blossom season coincides with the lushness of the tea hills, allowing visitors to freely admire the flowers and unwind amidst the delicate scent of young tea buds. The combination of fresh air, grass, trees, and the surrounding northwest mountains and forests creates a relaxing ambiance.


Located approximately 20km from the center of Van Ban District, Liem Phu Commune is renowned among tourists for Bay Waterfall.

From above, the water cascades down like a silk ribbon against the backdrop of the sky. The water crashing into the cliffs generates curtains of mist, enhancing the picturesque scenery.

Immerse yourself in the cool waters, close your eyes, and let the sounds of the mountains and forests wash away your fatigue.

Surrounding the Bay Waterfall area is the Liem Phu primeval forest, a part of the Hoàng Liên – Van Ban Nature Reserve. This forest is known for its diverse species composition, representing the typical flora and fauna of the northwest region.

According to the records of the Hoang Lien – Van Ban Nature Reserve, hundreds of animal species and thousands of plant species have been discovered here, many of which were documented for the first time in Vietnam.


Cao Son Market is situated in Cao Sơn Commune, Muong Khuong District, approximately 80km from Lao Cai City.

Blessed with majestic natural landscapes, a pleasant climate, and ancient villages that embody the rich traditional culture of the H’mong and Nung people, Cao Son is a renowned market in the northwestern mountainous region.

The market is held every Wednesday and offers a wide variety of typical products, including brocade fabrics, medicinal herbs, and enticing local dishes. With a vibrant and colorful atmosphere of Cao Son Market, visitors are sure to leave with lasting impressions.