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BLUEBELL TOURS VIETNAM – Hanoi and Hue have been voted among the 10 winners in the “Best Cities” category at the 2023 Luxury Awards Asia Pacific from US travel magazine Travel+Leisure. These two cities are great places for Vietnam tours.

Hanoi is a destination for those who love light, poetic beauty, and the ancient appeal of time. Vietnam’s capital is famous for its centuries-old temples and architectural landmarks from French colonial times as well as its unique cuisine.

Hue, in the country’s central region, was formerly the imperial capital of the Nguyen Dynasty, Vietnam’s last royal family. It is famed for its imperial tombs and UNESCO heritage sites such as the Imperial Citadel. Hue is a must see place for Vietnam Tours.

As well as being honored with these awards, Vietnam’s tourism has also been praised by international media as a destination for scuba diving enthusiasts.

The Traveldudes site introduces Vietnam as an impressive destination for those who like adventure travel, including scuba diving.

According to Traveldudes, scuba diving in Vietnam is a great experience because of the rich underwater landscape and thousands of kilometers of coastline.


Hanoi plans to create a “food tour map” to help home and foreign tourists explore local cuisine on their own, thus further developing culinary tourism into a strength of the capital. Hanoi has been an wonderful place to visit for most of travelers who love to enjoy Vietnam tours.

The initiative came following the recognition of Hanoi’s restaurants with Michelin stars, a highly regarded award in the culinary world that has put the city’s gastronomic scene in the spotlight.

Of the 103 restaurants nationwide selected for the Michelin Guide, Hanoi has 48, including three Michelin-starred restaurants, 13 Bib Gourmand-awarded affordable eateries, and 32 Michelin-selected restaurants, along with one Michelin Young Chef Award winner.

The city will enhance the promotion of Michelin-starred restaurants and other reputable eateries in Hanoi through various communication channels, social media, and domestic and international tourism promotion events.

Such an effort is set to raise awareness of food safety and hygiene, and improve the communication skills of restaurateurs and service quality. This will help Hanoi to attract more travelers who are looking for exclusive experience for their Vietnam tours.

With the food tour map and continued efforts to improve food safety and hygiene, Hanoi’s tourism industry is poised to attract more food-loving visitors in the coming period.

Hanoi’s tourism industry aims to develop a diverse range of culinary services by 2030, focusing on night food streets, culinary villages, and restaurant chains.

With unique and enticing features loved by international friends, the capital has been voted among the world’s top three culinary destinations. This is wonderful for travelers to enjoy more for their Vietnam tours.


Hanoi is one of the most popular travel destinations in Southeast Asia, a recent article on German travel website said, and highlighted six attractions that tourists should explore when taking Vietnam tours.

At the top of the list is a visit to Van Mieu (Temple of Literature), which was an educational centre for gifted young people since 1076 and is considered the country’s first university. The article said for residents of Hanoi, the Temple of Literature not only has cultural importance but is also one of the quietest and most peaceful places in the bustling metropolis. Many visitors from Europe describe the special harmony that can be felt in the almost thousand-year-old project as a “profound experience”. The Temple of Literature is always in the list of exciting place to visit in Hanoi while taking tours in Vietnam.

Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum is an attractive destination that is worth visiting. Locating on Ba Dinh Square, the mausoleum is one of the most important sights in the country. Vietnamese people come there to pay respect to President Ho Chi Minh. Strict rules of conduct apply in the building, such as a ban on talking, appropriate clothing, and a ban on photography.

According to the article, another spot that tourists shouldn’t miss in Hanoi is One Pillar Pagoda, one of the oldest pagodas in the city, which is also considered a Hanoi landmark. The wooden temple was built on a log more than 1,000 years ago. In the 1950s, the original tree trunk was replaced with a concrete pillar. It is worth taking some time walking around the pagoda because the residential buildings around it are among the most beautiful and impressive in the city.

If you are looking for Vietnam tours, Hanoi should be in the list of visiting place. Not only delicious cuisine, many wonderful places to visit; explore local life, vibrant night life in Hanoi Old Quarter is also very exciting to explore to fulfill your Vietnam tours.