BRG Ruby Tree Golf Resort vietnam


BRG Ruby Tree Golf Resort is a wonderful beach golf courses in Vietnam. 20 minutes from Hai Phong City, 90 minutes from Hanoi City. BRG Ruby Tree Golf Resort is 18-hole golf courses in Vietnam, Par 72; 6908 yards long, designed by Pacific Coast Design – great for golf tours in Vietnam.

Designer: Pacific Coast Design

Holes / Par: 18 holes par 72

Yardage: 7206/7115/7087 yards

Distance: 90 minutes from Hanoi City

Closed on: Open everyday

Golfers per group: 4 golfers

BRG Ruby Tree Golf Resort vietnam


BRG Ruby Tree Golf Resort is located in Ngoc Xuyen Ward, Do Son District, Hai Phong City. This Vietnam golf courses was designed by Pacific Coast Design Company, one of Australia’s leading golf course design companies. BRG Ruby Tree Golf Resort has wonderful style that is suitable for both leisure and sport golfers who love to enjoy golf tours in Vietnam. This Vietnam golf courses is18-hole, par 72 golf course with a length of 6317 meters. This golf courses voted as Most Promising New Golf Course in Vietnam 2009 by Vietnam Golf Magazine. If you are looking for something special for your golf tours in Vietnam at beach golf courses, this is the right place.



One of the special features of BRG Ruby Tree Golf Courses in Vietnam is the tee system at all 4 tees, which is highly challenging for professional golfers, but also suitable for leisure players therefore all golfers will enjoy the best golf tours in Vietnam. The lawns range in size from medium to larger with cleverly curved lines that allow players to choose where the golf balls will land on greens.

Very beautiful sand traps along with the natural water streams that bend in the curvature of the resort bring a peaceful, relax feeling to golfers when play golf in Vietnam at BRG Ruby Tree Golf Resort. This has created a new sense of golf that is unlike any other golf courses in Vietnam.

BRG Ruby Tree Golf Courses in Vietnam is located on a quite prime location, right next to the sea and only about 20 km from the center of Hai Phong city, very convenient transportation. With the front facing the sea, the back is the Dragon mountain range, surrounded by beautiful natural scenery.

Fresh air, nice breezes from sea will bring you great fun and even more challenge for your golf tours in Vietnam at this beach golf courses. This Vietnam golf courses curving along the Do Son beach is definitely the premier golf courses in Vietnam.

Designed with a beautiful and friendly landscape, the golf course with a 4-tear tee system is suitable for players of all levels. The golf course design makes the most of the lakes, so water becomes a key feature in all holes at BRG Ruby Tree Golf Resort. Players can choose safe balls that avoid water hazards but can also choose bold and confident bonus shots. This Vietnam golf courses will satisfy all players from leisure to sport players.

Greens range in size from medium to large with cleverly curved lines allowing players to choose from a variety of pin placement options. This makes the game strategy change constantly and requires players to be very focused during their golf tours in Vietnam here. The variable winds sometimes accompany the player, cooling the player’s heat but at the same time increasing the challenge while playing golf in Vietnam at BRG Ruby Tree Golf Resort.

Paspalum grass was selected to grow on BRG Ruby Tree Golf Courses because of its compatibility with local soil characteristics and always ensures green and green greens and fairways all year round. Together with this, courses is well-maintained by professional team to ensure the surface of the golf courses always at the best conditions for players to enjoy great golf tours in Vietnam.

The ideal arrangement of coconuts in rows along the fairway on the rough creates a wonderful atmosphere of the seaside resort. The bunkers are wonderfully shaped along with natural streams that bend to the curvature of the resort, bringing a peace and tranquility that any golfer can easily fall in love with when they have time to enjoy their golf tours in Vietnam here.

BRG Ruby Tree Golf Resort is designed by Pacific Coast Design is an Australian golf course design company. This company has designed many golf courses in Australia, Malaysia, Thailand, India, Vietnam, China.

Built in the coastal district of Do Son, 20 minutes from Hai Phong city center, this golf courses in Vietnam is an ideal destination for golfers who love to play golf in Vietnam by the sea. Coming to BRG Ruby Tree Golf Resort to enjoy best golf tours in Vietnam at fresh and relaxing natural environment and stay away from noisy and busy life in the cities.

The golf course is designed in special style, with 18 holes, par 72, the length of the course is 6319m. This resort-style golf course in Vietnam is specially designed with a multi-tee tee system. Regardless you are leisure or sport golfers; you will find this is a brilliant place to play golf in Vietnam.

Players can play golf in a natural setting surrounded by lakes and charming scenery, as well as enjoy the sea view and enjoy the passionate scent of the sea breeze. This is a unique feature that no other golf courses in Vietnam would have.

Service facilities at Ruby Tree Golf Courses in Vietnam are great and well-invested. Along with the international standard golf course, golfers can also experience many other services during golf tours in Vietnam here.

Club house
The club building of Ruby Tree Golf Resort was built long after the course opened. The company Bextes Consulting from Japan has designed and created a clubhouse that is both luxurious and extremely sophisticated. Like the golf course, this place also has closeness to nature. Besides, with elegant colors, making full use of light has created an ideal resting space for golfers. In particular, the large balcony area with transparent glass walls has a beautiful view of this golf courses in Vietnam.

Restaurant at Ruby Golf Resort is designed in a modern style. The bright colors here make diners feel extremely clean. The restaurant area is relatively spacious with many tables arranged side by side. Diners can rest assured to eat without having to worry about being crowded because the restaurant can accommodate up to 250 guests.

In addition to the space inside, there is also an open space outside. From the restaurant, golfers can see the beautiful golf courses in Vietnam. The dishes here are quite diverse from Asian and European dishes to many Vietnamese specialties. Most especially, fresh seafood from the nearby sea is always popular with diners.

High quality golf courses, located right at the sea, great services, closed to Hai Phong City, about one and a half hours from Hanoi, Ruby Tree Golf Resort is a great choice to enjoy best golf tours in Vietnam.


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