golf courses in vietnam nick faldo

Golf Courses In Vietnam: Sir Nick Faldo Surprised With The Development Of Golf In Vietnam

Golf Courses In Vietnam

BLUEBELL TOURS VIETNAM – Returning to Vietnam after three years, the legendary six-major winner Nick Faldo impressed with the young players as well as the new golf courses in Vietnam. At the moment, there are more than 80 golf courses in Vietnam that make the country become of the best golf destinations in Asia.

Faldo attended the one-year anniversary of Thanh Lanh Valley Golf Resort, in Vinh Phuc Province. This is his second golf courses in Vietnam, after Laguna Lang Co Golf Resort.

Nick Faldo was the kicker to open the tournament’s first birthday celebration, with more than 140 golfers attending. At the tournament, he mainly spent time observing groups of young golfers and was impressed with talents such as Nguyen Thao My, Nguyen Bao Phat or Nguyen Anh Minh.

golf courses in vietnam nick faldo

“Vietnam is inherently attractive to me and offers many interesting experiences, but what surprised me this time were the young golfers,” shared the 43 professional title owner. “They’ve made incredible strides. Some of them could become Vietnam’s heroes in the future.”

Famous for his glorious but equally controversial career, Nick Faldo aims to create a future in golf after retiring. Through the Faldo Series, an annual non-profit tournament, Faldo plays a significant role in the development of golf in many countries, including Vietnam. To this day, the Faldo Series is still known as the only amateur global tournament for both men and women. That place has contributed to training a series of names of the current golf village, and there are even people who have been number one in the world like Rory McIlroy or Yani Tseng.

“Faldo Series has been held for the past 26 years, 17 years in Asia alone”, said Faldo, “Faldo Series in Vietnam will return in the near future. Your country has a wonderful climate and landscape. If you combine facilities and advanced training methods, you will give birth to great talents in the future.”

Faldo also hopes that those talents will be nurtured from the golf courses Vietnam that were designed by him. Faldo Series was once held at Laguna Lang Co Golf Resort, and will most likely come to Thanh Lanh Valley Golf Resort in the near future.

Thanh Lanh Golf Courses has a standard 72 club, 7195 yards in length with a difficulty of 134 and uses the best grass available today, Zyosia. Under Faldo’s design, the field is a harmonious combination of mountains and natural lakes, bringing a sense of relaxation. With the arrangement of adjacent holes, golfers can both play and admire the beauty of the large lake and look towards the beautiful clubhouse with a classic European style.

Thanh Lanh Golf Course is Nick Faldo’s next golf courses in Vietnam with design features imbued with the legend’s personal imprint. The yard is surrounded by diverse natural landscapes of mountains, valleys, lakes, opening an isolated but equally peaceful space nestled at the foot of Tam Dao mountain.

golf courses in vietnam nick faldo


Thanh Lanh Golf Courses is about 65km from Hanoi city center, to reach Thanh Lanh Valley Golf Resort, golfers can go in the direction of Nhat Tan Bridge – Noi Bai Airport, then turn Vinh Phuc, go up Hanoi – Lao Cai Highway. This is the route for those who want to sightsee and run at high speed. In addition, players can also go to the golf course by Me Linh road or go from Dam Vac golf course, Dai Lai lake, depending on their preferences and needs.

Thanh Lanh golf courses in Vietnam is designed by the famous golf course design company Faldo Design, which used to be behind a number of golf course projects in Vietnam such as Hoan Cau Long An or Laguna Lang Co Hue. Talking about Thanh Lanh golf course, legendary golfer Nick Faldo expects it to become a world-class golf course with 9 holes by the lake and 18 holes overlooking the river and mountains.

Thanh Lanh golf courses in Vietnam has a standard 18-hole design spanning a total area of 73 hectares, a total course length of 7000 yards divided into 5 separate tee boxes to suit the level and needs of golfers at many different levels. It can be said that this is a rather special golf course in the form of a links golf course but has the style of hills, valleys and lakes.

thanh lanh valley golf courses

The landscape of Thanh Lanh golf courses in Vietnam is considered to have extremely good characteristics in terms of feng shui. The yard is located in the south of Tam Dao range, right next to Thanh Lanh lake with an area of 3.5km2. Surrounding Thanh Lanh Valley Golf Resort are small hills with an average height of about 100m, turning this place into an isolated space with a peaceful atmosphere, and the lush green of trees. When coming to this place, visitors have the opportunity to enjoy the whispering wind from each Tam Dao country and the very fresh atmosphere.

The design of Thanh Lanh golf courses in Vietnam is characterized by a harmonious combination of nature and humanitarian works. In the process of designing the yard, the elements of natural beauty are always fully exploited g time to upgrade every detail to bring the perfect experience to players. The bunkers are modeled on the shape of mountains and the fairway with steep and bumpy slopes will surely bring golfers memorable ball games.