bluffs ho tram golf courses

Vietnam Golf Courses: Bluffs Ho Tram Golf Courses Received Award “Best Golf Course In Asia”

Vietnam Golf Courses: Bluffs Ho Tram Golf Courses

BLUEBELL TOURS VIETNAM – Leading the votes, The Bluffs Grand Ho Tram Strip was awarded the “Best Golf Course in Asia” by the World Luxury Travel Awards at the end of October. Located right by the sea, stunning view, high quality surface, great services, hi-end facilities, Bluffs Ho Tram Golf Courses got on top of many other golf courses in Vietnam to get this award.

The title of “Asia’s Best Golf Course” is judged by a global expert panel and voted by thousands of international tourists. This is the first time Bluffs Ho Tram Golf Courses in Vietnam has received an award from the World Luxury Travel Awards. This Vietnam golf course spans an area of 51 hectares and is regularly selected to host professional tournaments.


Bluffs Ho Tram Golf Courses has 18 holes, designed in the form of links based on the natural terrain of the undulating sand dunes located next to the beach. Empty areas are used to the fullest, holes are interwoven with natural forests and shallow traps. The highest point of The Bluffs has strong winds and winding terrain, bringing a sense of challenge to golfers participating in tournaments here.

The attraction of this golf courses in Vietnam also comes from the three-storey Clubhouse utility complex that offers many experiences for golfers, 5-star Infinity restaurant, high-class meeting room, golf equipment shopping area and wine room.

bluffs ho tram golf courses

Ian Cording, General Manager of Bluffs Ho Tram Golf Courses, said that the World Luxury Travel Awards was an important milestone in the journey to serve the golfing community. “This achievement not only adds to the list of achievements and awards that have been achieved so far, but also becomes the motivation for us to continue to improve our facilities and services in the future,” said Mr. Cording.

Designed by Mr Greg Norman, Bluffs Ho Tram Golf Courses was once named in the “World’s 100 Best Golf Courses” category voted by the prestigious Gold Digest magazine and once won the title “Best Golf Course in Vietnam” therefore, it is wonderful place to enjoy golf tours in Vietnam.

World Luxury Travel Awards is one of the prestigious awards in the tourism industry that has been held annually since 2019 to present, in order to honor the outstanding achievements of the tourism industry in all fields. The event has more than 150 different award categories.


Bluffs Ho Tram Golf Courses is a golf course located in the 164 Ha Ho Tram Strip resort complex in Xuyen Moc, Ba Ria – Vung Tau. Designed by legendary Australian golfer Greg Norman. Golfer known as the “Great White Shark” who holds the incredible record of topping the world golf rankings for 331 consecutive weeks and winning the Open Championship twice. His design firm in Florida has designed more than 70 internationally recognized golf courses on all continents. But if you ask, Mr. Norman will not hesitate to say The Bluffs Ho Tram Strip is his best design.

“Whenever we design any golf course, we always start with the design with the least change. Our design team put a lot of time and effort into finding the most attractive natural features of the land and incorporating them into the design of the yard. Natural elements such as streams, rocks, vegetation and undulating terrain will give the golf course a unique character and a different feel for the golfer.”

Mr. Norman said: “This is one of two pieces of land with the best quality and natural features that I have been assigned to design – the other is Doonbeg (in Ireland). I strongly believe in taking advantage of Mother Nature’s gifts in a certain area and this golf courses in Vietnam has all the elements.”