hoiana shores golf club Vietnam


Hoiana Shores Golf Club is an excellent 18-hole golf courses in Vietnam. Located right on the beach, just 8 km from Hoi An Town and 20 km from Da Nang City. Hoiana Shores Golf Club is designed by Robert Trent Jones Jr. II who had built the most beautiful golf courses in Vietnam.

Designer: Robert Trent Jones Jr. II

Holes / Par: 18 holes par 71

Yardage: 7,004 yards

Distance: 45 minutes from Da Nang City

Closed on: Open everyday

Golfers per group: 4 golfers

hoiana shores golf club Vietnam


Chi Linh Golf Club is known as Chi Linh Star Golf and Country Golf Club is one of the best place to enjoy golf package in Vietnam. Located in wonderful countryside with large lakes and fantastic mountains leave Chi Linh Golf Club privileges to be one of the best golf courses in Vietnam. This is 27-hole golf courses, designed by Independent Golf Course Services who have worked out wonderful design, taken the most advantages of natural terrains to build very challenging golf courses in Vietnam. Comprising three amazing three courses of 9 holes: Hill Side, Valley Courses and Lake Courses, it is excellent place for all golfers to enjoy golf tours in Vietnam.



Deserving the title of “World’s Best New Golf Course”, Hoiana Shores Golf Club in Hoi An makes anyone who comes for the first time feel overwhelmed by the vast and unspoiled beauty of this golf courses in Vietnam.

It is rare for a golf course to give golfers such a spacious and relaxed feeling. The golf holes are characterized by gentle white sand dunes, you can play golf while enjoy stunning view to the ocean and Cu Lao Cham Island. Although there are not many trees or water traps, the difficulty of the course lies in the cleverly placed sand traps. With the special style and structure, Hoiana Shores Golf Club is an amazing place for excellent golf tours in Vietnam.

If not calculated correctly, you will easily hit the ball into the dunes on either side or even across the fairway. And don’t be fooled by the short par 3 holes, this is where your score will skyrocket because of the densely arranged bunkers around the green. That’s not why people still joke about the “Full of sand” day when playing at Hoiana Shores Golf Club in Vietnam. It is the long holes of par 4 and par 5 that help golfers have a relaxing break, freely swing the ball with the wide fairway and admire the magnificent scenery that intersects the sky and the sea. If you are looking for something truly amazing for your golf tours in Vietnam, it is the only choice.

Hoi An is blessed with the typical warm sunny weather of the central region; However, thanks to the location close to the sea, the golf course is warm and sunny, but not harsh. The sea breeze is always cool, especially in the evening, it is cooler, helping you to feel stronger and more excited the more you play golf in Da Nang at Hoiana Shores Golf Club.

Not only are the specialties of sand dunes and sea, each golf hole at Hoiana Shores Golf Club in Vietnam has a unique name such as Lantern, Clocktower, Duong Than, Fishing Village, Swallow’s Nest… Moreover, instead of plugging in, Flags, this golf courses in Vietnam are decorated with red lanterns very different and impressive highlights. From the course, golfers can admire the clubhouse and hotel, which are designed to be extremely attractive and classy. That scene will make you feel like you’ve arrived in England, not in Vietnam. These outstanding features ensure you will have wonderful time to play golf in Vietnam at Hoiana Shores Golf Club.

Boasting the architectural beauty of the early 20th century, the club house of Hoiana Shores Golf Club leaves an unforgettable impression in every detail, ingenious and sophisticated design, with modern and comfortable function rooms. If the male locker room space is imbued with colonial architectural style, the female locker room is decorated with elegant and artistic furniture.

In particular, standing from the club house, you can admire most of the golf holes as well as the panoramic view of the course facing the sea, an ideal place to immerse yourself in the romantic sunset or sunrise scene after the time to play golf in Vietnam.

Of course, to have a great golf experience for golf tours in Vietnam not only needs beautiful infrastructure but also good service quality. Certainly, even for those who are new to the course for the first time, they will not feel afraid when playing golf at Hoiana Shores, but instead have fun and gentle rounds of golf by the professionalism and cuteness of the caddy here.

Hoiana Shores Golf Club is truly a “symphony” that brings golfers great experiences, once again confirming the talent of Robert Trent Jones, Jr., the designer known around the world as “The father of eco-friendly golf courses”. Perhaps, it is thanks to preserving the original beauty that nature has bestowed that Hoiana Shores Golf Club put on such a delicate and unique design. The stunning style that brings golfers excellent place for golf tours in Vietnam.

It comes from a design point of view to preserve the originality bestowed by nature. The golf courses he designed are world famous. Golf courses run by Robert Trent Jones Jr. have been chosen to host major US championships such as US Open 2015 (Chambers Bay University Place, Washington), US Women Open 2016 (Cordevalle, San Marin, California)

Although newly opened, Hoiana Shores Golf Club has won many prestigious awards in the golf industry such as: World’s Best New Golf Course 2020, World’s Best Golf Club Building 2020, Best Golf Course in Vietnam 2020 World Golf Course. Golf Digest’s 2020 award of the top 10 golf courses in Vietnam. Notably, Hoiana Shores Golf Club was honored as “World’s Best New Golf Course” and World’s Best Golf Club Building at the 7th World Golf Awards.

Hoiana Golf Course is located on the coast of Cua Dai, just 8 km south of Hoi An, an ancient city recognized by UNESCO as a World Cultural Heritage. With unspoiled natural landscape, Hoiana Shores Golf Club is the first championship golf course in Vietnam run by Robert Trent Jones Jr. His name is to guarantee all players will enjoy the golf tours in Vietnam.

Hoiana Shores Golf Courses in Vietnam overlooks the sea and Cu Lao Cham Island. The 18-hole golf courses cover an area of 7,000 yards, 71 par, 153 hectares. This is a beautiful golf course in Vietnam for golfers of all skill levels to enjoy luxury golf tours in Vietnam. A luxurious 6000 square meter club house with high quality services is located next door.

Hoiana Shores Golf Courses in Vietnam is a place to test the courage of golfers, because although there are not many trees or water traps, the difficulty of the course lies in the well-organized sand traps. Hoiana Shores Golf Courses in Vietnam also offers a variety of convenient services to ensure that all golfers have the most complete and comfortable experience possible.

You love luxury golf tours in Vietnam and you are looking for top quality golf courses in Vietnam? the Hoiana Shores Golf Club is the right choice. Located right on the beach, truly beautiful nature, excellent structure and style, high quality services, it is the best place to enjoy wonderful experience for golf tours in Vietnam. Come and play golf in Vietnam at Hoiana Shores Golf Club, you will be surely satisfied.


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