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Chi Linh Golf Club is 27-hole golf courses in Vietnam. Located in stunning countryside, designed by Independent Golf Course Services, well-maintained, Chi Linh Golf Club is top challenging golf courses in Vietnam; great place for Vietnam golf tours.

Designer: Independent Golf Course Services

Holes / Par: 27 holes par 72/36

Yardage: 7038 yards

Distance: 90 minutes from Hanoi City

Closed on: Open everyday

Golfers per group: 4 golfers

chi linh golf club vietnam


Chi Linh Golf Club is known as Chi Linh Star Golf and Country Golf Club is one of the best place to enjoy golf package in Vietnam. Located in wonderful countryside with large lakes and fantastic mountains leave Chi Linh Golf Club privileges to be one of the best golf courses in Vietnam. This is 27-hole golf courses, designed by Independent Golf Course Services who have worked out wonderful design, taken the most advantages of natural terrains to build very challenging golf courses in Vietnam. Comprising three amazing three courses of 9 holes: Hill Side, Valley Courses and Lake Courses, it is excellent place for all golfers to enjoy golf tours in Vietnam.


Chi Linh Golf Course or Chi Linh Star Golf & Country Club is one of the golfing destinations where highly appreciated by all golfers who are looking for something very special for golf tours in Vietnam. Located just 60 km away from Hanoi city center, with new upgrade of roads, it would be very convenient for golfers to play golf in Hanoi. It will take around 90 minutes to drive to the golf courses. This golf courses in Vietnam is located somewhere between Hanoi and Ha Long Bay then it would be great for golfers to enjoy playing golf as well as visit Ha Long Bay on the same golf tours in Vietnam.


As it is located in very wonderful location with mountains, lakes and peaceful countryside. This is the outstanding natural features for the designer to build great challenging golf courses in Vietnam. Officially opened in 2003 and it is one of the oldest golf courses in Vietnam. Since Chi Linh Golf Club put into full operation, this is chosen place to organize many international and domestic golf tournaments in Vietnam. Most golfers love this golf courses and enjoy excellent experience for their golf tours in Vietnam at this place.

Chi Linh Golf Course is located in Sao Do Ward, Chi Linh City, Hai Duong, more than 60 km from Hanoi, on the way from Hanoi – Ha Long Bay. Chi Linh Golf Course is always top choice for both domestic and international golfers. If you are looking for something very challenging for your golf tours in Vietnam, then it is the perfect choice.

This 27-hole golf courses in Vietnam is built according to AAA international standards. Chi Linh Golf Club covers an area of up to 325 hectares in the heart of a beautiful valley with a natural lake surrounded by majestic green hills. In order to maintain the standard of the course, Chi Linh Golf Course always has a professional golf maintenance team to take care of it daily and throughout the four seasons all year round to bring the best experience to players. The maintain team always work hard to ensure the surface of the golf courses in the best condition for golfers to enjoy luxury golf tours in Vietnam.

Chi Linh Golf Club is a challenging experience for golfers. The Hill Side Courses was the first 9 holes opened in November 2003 and since then, Chi Linh Golf Course in Vietnam is rated as “a golf course worth conquering”. In 2008, Chi Linh Golf Course continued to put 18 holes into operation, increasing the scale of the course to 27 holes. Chi Linh Star Golf & Country Club has been asserting its leading reputation through the quality of the course and is a highlight of top quality and luxury golf courses in Vietnam.

Chi Linh golf course, Hai Duong was built according to AAA international standards on a total area of 325ha. Independent Golf Course Services (IGSC) is Australia’s leading construction company, is applying for the completion of this golf course. All plans, design, style and concept are carefully carried out to professional golf courses which meets international standards. At the moment, this golf course in Vietnam still retains the features of the natural beauty of the area as it was before therefore it is wonderful place to enjoy luxury golf tours in Vietnam.

Chi Linh Golf Club challenges players by cleverly arranged sand traps, both scientifically and discreetly. This factor has helped the games become more attractive and dramatic. In particular, the grass used on the field is completely imported from Australia. This is the best grass used for golf courses in Vietnam. To take care of the green lawn, Chi Linh golf course is also designed with a flexible irrigation system, automatically controlled by the computer RainBird imported from the US. In addition, the golf course maintenance equipment is also selected the best from Toro company from the US. All these are to ensure all golfers will enjoy playing golf in Vietnam at top quality golf courses in Vietnam.

In order to enjoy stunning view of whole golf courses, golfers can go to the club house. It has an impressive and unique design, the doors and surrounding walls are all made of glass to help the golfers enjoy the view of this truly beautiful golf courses in Vietnam.

The design and construction of Chi Linh Golf Course was undertaken by I.G.C.S (Independent Golf Course Services), a leading Australian golf course design and construction company. I.G.C.S is well known in the region for the design and construction of Golf Courses in Australia, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines and China. Chi Linh Golf Course is the first project of I.G.C.S in Vietnam and contributes to bringing new experiences to golfers who love to play golf in Vietnam.

The quality of the grass is most important part of any golf courses, therefore the investor always puts the top priority on the quality of golf course surface. Chi Linh Golf Club uses the best hot tropical grass suitable for the climate in the North of Vietnam. The golf courses is carefully taken care of by a professional Maintenance team, helping to maintain the best quality of the pitch to bring an unforgettable experience to the players during the golf tours in Vietnam.

Following the natural hillsides, the course map is zigzag, the main challenge of the course is the undulating terrain, the teeing area is mostly high, the green surface is not flat.

There is an open courtyard view with a long fairway and a clear view. The course surface is relatively flat, but the number of traps is quite large and the green will fall according to the slope of the terrain.

Located in an area with a large lake, the pits have a cross lake and a side lake. Fairway terrain is relatively flat, the green slopes down according to the terrain of the hole. If you are a golfer who love something challenging, then the Lake Course is wonderful choice for your golf tours in Vietnam.


As it is the top luxury golf courses in Vietnam, therefore Chi Linh Star Golf & Country Club offers golfers excellent services. It provides full of facilities such as club house, locker rooms, restaurants, etc., which can meet all the entertainment and relaxation needs of the golfers here to enjoy their golf tours in Vietnam.

Locker Rooms: This area is fully equipped with modern wardrobes. In addition, there are services such as hot spa, bathroom, massage service in order to bring the most comfortable and relaxing feeling for golfers to relax when play golf in Vietnam.

Club house: The area is located at the top of the pitch. From the club house, you can see almost all the holes of this luxury golf courses in Vietnam. Thanks to its high position, the club house of Chi Linh Golf Club has become attractive to all golfers because not all of these golf courses in Vietnam have such a design.

Restaurant: Golfers do not need to travel somewhere else to find food. At Chi Linh Golf Club, there is also a high-class restaurant. The delicious dishes here are all made by famous chefs with many years of experience. In addition to specialties, here also serves dishes from Europe to Asia, Western dishes, Korean dishes, Chinese dishes, Japanese dishes, helping golfers to choose from a variety of dishes.

Chi Linh Golf Club is surely the top luxury golf courses in Vietnam to enjoy excellent golf tours in Vietnam. High quality of greens, wonderful design style, beautiful landscapes with mountains, lakes, bunkers, green fairways, rich tropical vegetation, great services and for sure, it is the right place to play golf in Vietnam.


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