hill top valley golf club hanoi


Hill Top Valley Golf Club is the most interesting golf courses in Hanoi as well as Vietnam. Designed by IMG, this is 27-hole golf courses in Hanoi, Vietnam where all golfers surely will enjoy wonderful golf tours in Vietnam. Just 60 km from Hanoi, Hilltop Valley Golf Club is a great choice.

Designer: IMG

Holes / Par: 27 holes par 72/36

Yardage: 7002/3501 yards

Distance: 120 minutes from Hanoi City

Closed on: Open everyday

Golfers per group: 4 golfers

hill top valley golf club hanoi


Located in the west of Hanoi, just 60 km away and about 60 minutes by car, golfers will enjoy the fresh air and great beauty of Hilltop Valley Golf Club – one of the most beautiful golf courses in Hanoi as well as in Vietnam. Possessing an extremely unique design, especially the natural terrain, gives this golf course extremely interesting things and it is considered the most uninteresting course in Vietnam. As it is not too far from Hanoi, therefore this is excellent to enjoy golf tours in Hanoi.


Located in the middle of the wild and peaceful mountains, Hilltop Valley Golf Club offers an endless green color combined with green fairways. Lakes, natural streams and white sands give the golf course a breathtaking beauty. It can be said that this is the most beautiful golf course in Hanoi, and certainly, this will be a great choice to play golf in Hanoi, Vietnam.

Behind that peaceful look, an attractive challenge is ready to open up for golfers. True to its name: Hilltop Valley, 27 holes are divided into two distinct parts: Valley and Hilltop. The first 9 holes are gentle, romantic like a love song that will help you easily get par, even get Birdie and Eagle. If you like something challenging for your golf tours in Vietnam, it is the right choice.

However, from the 10th hole onward, the drama was pushed up with par 3 holes pouring straight from the tee at the top of the hill to the green. The feeling of excitement is pushed up in holes 14, 15, 16 with steep and very complicated topography. The drama was pushed higher and higher when crossing the C road, 9 holes from 19 to 27 were harder and harder, beautiful and more beautiful. Many golfers agree that, Hilltop Valley Golf Club is the most beautiful golf courses in Hanoi, Vietnam.

Holes 20, 24 and 26 are really a gift of nature for the land of Hoa Binh City. Golfers should bring a camera to capture scenes like heaven. Do you love golf? Are you busy with daily work? Want to get away from the crowded city? Try once setting foot in Hilltop Valley Golf Club. Try it, experience it, and be passionate. Hilltop Valley Golf Club is always ready to welcome all golfers who love to play golf in Vietnam.

The most unique feature of the Hilltop Valley Golf Course in Vietnam is the great height change between the holes, you feel like moving and teeing off from one hill to another. Great views by majestic mountain scenery, green space, interspersed with lakes make a golf course that is both majestic and poetic with many memorable golf holes.

The lush greens of Paspalum grass and colorful blooms contrast with the white sand bunkers and red rock outcrops. Mini-Verde Bermuda green grass gently undulates and keeps a reasonable playing speed for all golfers. This help to guarantee all players will enjoy their golf tours in Hanoi, Vietnam.

All players enjoy this course because of the challenge of the golf course as well as the terrain very very different from other golf courses in Vietnam. Design group IMG has taken advantage of the unique landscape in Hoa Binh to create a beautiful golf work. Each hole is created according to international standards, possessing a 360-degree view towards the green space of forests and mountains, giving players an exciting experience to play golf in Hanoi, Vietnam.

The first 9 holes of Hill Top Valley Golf Club are located in the heart of valleys and streams with gentle and soft contours giving golfers a feeling of light relaxation with medium difficulty. easy par or birdie. The following 9 holes are arranged winding along the way to the top of the mountain, so it is steeper and higher, requiring powerful and risky swings. The 2 holes with the highest difficulty are 13 and 14. This is a par 3 hole with water surrounding the green, if the tee is not correct, it will definitely be in a water hazard or lose the ball.

The next hole was equally difficult as the tee shot was obscured from view. Golfers need to listen to the advice of the caddy to reduce the risk of terrain factors. The final holes are designed on the slopes, so it requires the golfer to add energy and save energy to complete these last holes.

Officially put into operation from September 2019, Hilltop Valley Golf Courses in Hanoi, Vietnam with its very own features will surely make all golfers love and this place has become a favorite destination for domestic and international golfers. You are looking for a great place to play golf in Vietnam? this golf course is the best choice.

The favorable location of the golf course also brings many advantages to golfers. Hilltop Valley Golf Courses is located in Ky Son district, Hoa Binh province, located in a prime location near Highway 6 and is the connection point between Hanoi – Hoa Binh highway.

In this location, golfers and visitors only take about 1 hour to move easily from the center of Hanoi to be able to immerse themselves in the poetic scenery, surrounded by green mountains and cool climate of Vietnam. Hoa Binh mountainous area. The advantage of location also makes Hilltop Valley Golf Club in Hanoi a convenient place to organize major domestic and foreign golf tournaments in Vietnam.

As mentioned above, the golf course is located in Ky Son Ward, Hoa Binh City, Hoa Binh Province. The entire golf course is located in the mountains, valleys, lakes and natural flowing streams, giving the golf course a spectacular view that no other golf course in Vietnam has. The golf course is 100km from Hanoi city center and it will take about 60 minutes to get to the golf course.

To get to the golf course, you need to follow Thang Long Boulevard and continue along the new road connecting Hanoi with Hoa Binh city. The turn to the golf course is large and easily recognizable. Traffic is quite heavy, especially when traveling out of Hanoi city can take a bit longer time.

Golfing fees at Hill Top Valley Golf Club will depend on whether you play weekday or weekend golf. Golf course fee for weekdays will be around 80 usd and weekends will be around 120 usd.

Club House
The clubhouse is the first highlight that customers can feel when arriving at this golf club in Hanoi. The clubhouse is designed in a modern and luxurious style, located in the middle of Nham Bien mountain with steep cliffs behind. In the cool space of Hoa Binh mountains, the clubhouse of Hilltop Valley golf course is like a shining diamond.

Locker Rooms
With the goal of providing a high-class golf experience at Hilltop Valley Golf Courses in Hanoi, Vietnam, the spacious and luxurious changing room area will help golfers recover before and after playing. Hilltop Valley’s changing room with nearly 400 safe magnetic lockers divided into areas for men and women will help to serve 400 golfers at the same time. In addition, each area is divided into zone A and zone B to help ensure the privacy of VIP guests when needed.

Located right in the middle of the main hall, the Pro Shop is different from the design of other courses when all the shelves are displayed in the middle of an open space, making it easy for all golfers to choose the necessary accessories for playing golf in Hanoi, Vietnam.

With the advantage of geographical location, unique design style with interesting highlights, the quality of the golf course is always in the best condition, cared for and maintained according to international standards, the golf course price is quite low, especially on weekdays, Hill Top Valley Golf Club in Hanoi is the first choice.


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