heron lake golf course hanoi


Heron Lake Golf Course is 5-star golf courses in Vietnam. Located 60 km from Hanoi, it is continent to play golf in Hanoi. Designed by Pacific Coast Design, this 18-hole golf courses in Hanoi is wonderful choice to enjoy truly excellent golf tours in Hanoi, Northern Vietnam.

Designer: Pacific Coast Design

Holes / Par: 18 holes par 72

Yardage: 6883 yards

Distance: 90 minutes from Hanoi City

Closed on: Open everyday

Golfers per group: 4 golfers

heron lake golf course hanoi


Heron Lake Golf Course is one of the largest golf courses in Vietnam, designed with 5-star standards. The Heron Lake Golf Course meets the standards of an international golf courses in Vietnam. Possessing a beautiful natural landscape, this golf course deserves to be the preferred choice for golfers who wish to play golf in Hanoi and enjoy impressive golfing experiences in Vietnam. Heron Lake Golf Course brings the pristine beauty and charming scenery of Dam Vac Lake, where nature meets the modernity of golf. It is surely that, all golfers will enjoy this so much during their golf tours in Hanoi, Vietnam.


Golfers who come to this place all praise the unique design while preserving the untouched integrity of the natural beauty here. The golf course seems to have always been there while preserving the rich ecosystem and biological resources of this golf courses in Hanoi, Vietnam.

Heron Lake Golf Course is a design masterpiece of Pacific Coast Design (Australia), based on its own inherent features. The design of this golf courses in Hanoi, Vietnam makes use of water in most of the holes, along with large sand holes around the green. These challenges create a unique golf experience in a beautiful natural setting. Low-handicappers will be challenged, but average golfers will find it exciting to play golf in Hanoi at this golf courses.

Located near Noi Bai international airport and about 50 km from Hanoi capital, it takes about 60 minutes to travel from Hanoi city center to the Heron Lake Golf Course. As soon as they arrive at the golf course, the golfers will be warmly welcomed by the caddies, and carefully prepared for an excepting game for their golf tours in Vietnam.

Heron Lake Golf Course stretches on an area of 90 hectares in the green space of Dam Vac ecological lake, Vinh Phuc province. The golf grass is Paspalum imported from Australia, allowing shots to be taken either from the fairway or from the rough without requiring too much effort. This not only provide great surface conditions for all golfers but also turn this to be one of the best golf courses in Vietnam.

Mentioning the signature hole, perhaps the 14th hole is one of the best par-4 holes at Heron Lake Golf Course in Hanoi. At 405 meters high, it was a challenging hole in length, with bunkers enclosing the green, and water hazards threatening any of us hitting the ball too far from the fairway.

The caddies are very polite and very well trained. They make sure that golfers choose the right golf club and the ball lands safely. With water appearing on most holes, it’s best to rely on the advice of a caddy in order to enjoy a great day to play golf in Hanoi, Vietnam.

Located not too far from Hanoi, Heron Lake Golf Course is very convenient to travel on any day of the week. The golf course offers moments of relaxation away from the hustle and bustle of city life. This is an ideal location for golfers of all levels, and golfers are sure to return as soon as they have chances to enjoy golf tours in Hanoi, Vietnam.

Design Of Heron Lake Golf Course

The golf course was designed by the famous Australian architect – Pacific Coast Design, (Pacific Coast has been involved in site planning and golf course design for more than 16 years and has completed major projects in India, Malaysia, Hong Kong and Australia).

Heron Lake Golf Course has an international 5-star standard design, stretching on an area of 90ha with 18 holes, most of the scenery is a natural lake. This structure helps make the most of the sand holes around the Green, providing golfers with many challenges and exciting experiences. The modern design of this golf courses in Hanoi, Vietnam does not overshadow the natural cycling scene here, which creates a feeling of comfort and pleasure when playing here.

On the other hand, all the grass of the golf course is imported from Australia. Should help the golfer’s shots be accurate without spending too much effort. This is also the difference of Heron Lake Golf Course compared to many other golf courses in Vietnam.

Services & Facilities
Not only paying attention to the quality of the golf courses, golfers always want to experience the pre- and post-match services right at the course. According to the evaluation of professional players, Heron Lake Golf Course in Hanoi, Vietnam offers many convenient 5-star services, a high-class and luxurious service system including:

Including sports equipment with many models from many famous brands such as Ping, Nike, Speedo, Tsuruya …, reasonable prices. Therefore, golfers can choose for themselves the clubs they like. Or souvenirs to give as gifts to loved ones from golf tours in Vietnam.

Outdoor sports club
In addition, it also integrates 2 international standard tennis courts, 2 swimming pools (1 swimming pool for adults and 1 swimming pool for children). Not only that, the Heron Lake golf course also has a separate fitness center. With a system of modern equipment, meeting the training needs of all subjects.

5- star standard restaurant
The restaurant meets the 5-star standard of Heron Lake Golf Course by the top chefs directly in the kitchen. Bringing diners extremely attractive dishes. What’s more special, 3 breakfast – lunch – dinner menu will be completely different. This gives golfers the opportunity to enjoy the culinary culture of many different regions.

To reach this golf courses in Hanoi, Vietnam, golfers need to note the travel time from the hotel out of Hanoi city because of the heavy traffic and take a long time. Out of Hanoi city, follow the highway Hanoi – Lao Cai to near the territory of Vinh Yen city, follow the signpost to reach the golf course. The road is quite convenient and easy.

The green fee here, like all other golf courses in Vietnam, depends on the time of the week. Golf course fees on weekdays will be different from weekends. Green fee includes golf buggies and caddy. Green fee on weekdays: from 70 USD; Weekends: from 110 USD.


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