hilltop valley golf club hanoi

Golf Courses In Vietnam: Hilltop Valley Golf Club Great Choice To Play Golf In Hanoi

Golf Courses in Vietnam – Hilltop Valley Golf Club

BLUEBELL TOURS VIETNAM – Hilltop Valley Golf Club is just 5 km from Hoa Binh City and 50 Km from Hanoi city. Located in stunning mountain area, this is truly amazing golf courses in Vietnam for all golfers to enjoy excellent golfing experience in Vietnam. You love golfing, like great challenges for your game? Then Hilltop Valley Golf Club is the right choice to enjoy wonderful golf tours in Hanoi at one of the most beautiful mountain golf courses in Vietnam.



Hilltop Valley Golf Club is only about 5km from Hoa Binh city center. Currently, this is one of the most popular destinations for golf lovers. Hilltop Golf Course has an extremely convenient location and traffic. To reach Hilltop Valley Golf Club, visitors from other places just need to move along national highways and highways. Only about 50 km from Hanoi, with a travel time of about 60 minutes, this is really one of the ideal places to play golf in Hanoi.

hilltop valley golf club hanoi

Hilltop Valley Golf Club was drafted by IMG – the leading golf course design group IMG. It is expected to bring players memorable memories, relaxing moments with family and friends with extremely beautiful scenery. The total area of the golf course is 199.14 hectares and the total investment capital in this golf course is up to 747,075 trillion VND. Hilltop golf course is a standard 36-hole course and is an extremely challenging golf course among golf courses in Vietnam today.


Hilltop golf course is divided into 2 parts: Hilltop and Valley. This place not only possesses beautiful scenery, but each hole is also cleverly designed to diversify the player’s experience. If the first 9 holes bring a feeling of lightness and relaxation, the game will be really dramatic and pushed to the climax from the 10th hole.

The 26th hole is considered the most difficult golf hole and also the most popular golf hole. From here, players can see Hoa Binh city and Hanoi – Peace highway from above. All golfers love this one and many said that, Hole No 26 is the top comparing to other golf courses in Vietnam.

hilltop valley golf club hanoi

The 12th hole is also the highest point of Hilltop Valley Golf Club. From hole 12, golfers can see the whole scenery of Hoa Binh city and Ba Vi mountain. Hilltop golf course with a design hugging the mountains will bring an extremely memorable experience to players who love to play golf in Hanoi, Vietnam.

The hilly scenery and the long grass have created an extremely green space for Hilltop golf course. Using Sunday Bermuda grass for the entire course, Hilltop golf course brings an extremely solid feeling to players at this beautiful mountain golf courses in Vietnam.

If you are a lover of aristocratic sports and want to explore and experience new golf courses in Vietnam, you should not miss Hilltop golf course. The golf course is located in a perfect location to have a panoramic view of the surrounding landscape, along with top amenities to satisfy any golfers during their golf tours in Vietnam.


Although there are currently many golf courses Vietnam being built, Hilltop Valley Golf Club is still the place chosen by golfers as a place to satisfy their passion, conquer challenging holes and enjoy the feeling of golf. comfortably relax. The reason is because this golf course has the following outstanding advantages:

Convenient Location

As mentioned, Hilltop golf course in Hanoi is located right next to Highway 6, which is the connection point between Hanoi and Hoa Binh highways. This place is 60km west of Hanoi capital, so it only takes 1 hour to drive from Hanoi to here. Thanks to this favorable geographical position, the golf course has become an ideal place to organize large and small golf tournaments at home and abroad, and at the same time receive a lot of attention from enthusiasts of this aristocratic sport.

hilltop valley golf club hanoi

Creative Design

Hilltop Valley Golf Club was designed by IMG – the world’s leading corporation in the field of golf course design. At this place, each golf hole is of international standards, placed in beautiful locations, facing the Northwest mountainous space. Therefore, this promises to be a new golf courses in Vietnam for golfers to discover and have wonderful moments of relaxation during golf tours in Vietnam.

Although it has not been in operation for a long time but Hilltop Valley golf course in Hanoi has attracted a large number of players, the reason is because it owns a system of 18 golf holes with different levels of challenges for golfers to conquer and enjoy great challenge for their golf tours in Hanoi.

Out of a total of 18 holes, there are 9 holes on the front side located in the valleys with extremely gentle and soft contours, golfers just need to be careful and skillful to overcome this challenge quickly. However, the rear 9 holes require players to have more skill and mastery because these holes are arranged along Da Che mountain road.

Hilltop Valley Golf Club has 2 holes with the highest difficulty is holes 13 and 14 by 1 par-3 there are 200 yards located on the ravine, along with that, the Green area is surrounded by water. So when making shots in these 2 holes, if you are not careful and skillful, you can lose the ball or encounter a situation where the ball is stuck in a water hazard. Many golfers really enjoy play at these two holes during their golf tours in Vietnam.

hilltop valley golf club hanoi

The remaining holes of Hilltop Valley Golf Club, although not too difficult, are not easy to conquer because the ball is hidden from view. If it is the first time to come and experience this playground, golfers should pay attention to focus and listen to the advice of the caddies to avoid difficulties caused by the terrain. When taking shots on the last holes of golf, it can be a bit overwhelming because they are placed on steep slopes.

Great Landscape

As we all know, the Northwest mountainous region of Vietnam has many famous tourist destinations because of its favor with nature for its poetic and lyrical landscapes. Hilltop Valley golf course in the land of Hoa Binh also inherits a beautiful natural picture, no less than any other place in the Northwest. With the aim of taking advantage of the available terrain and landscape for this golf courses in Vietnam, the designer has cleverly distributed each hole to create different levels of difficulty and help players fully enjoy the scenery in Ky Son District.

Accordingly, the first holes of Hilltop Valley golf course are located in the valley of Da Che mountain range and lake stream, creating a feeling of relaxation for each golfer. Along with that, the following holes are designed to be steeper and higher but still have the softness when gently winding around the way to the top of the mountain. It is thanks to this design that swing strokes become full of adventure, power, bringing exciting experiences, challenging and evoking the desire to conquer for all golfers while taking golf tours in Vietnam.

hilltop valley golf club hanoi

In order to keep the typical flavor of the Northwest mountains and forests, the investor has used advanced technologies in the construction process, so that players can feel the modern combined with the antiquity of nature. wild nature, creating a colorful picture that attracts people’s hearts. Besides, the designer also makes the most of the large green areas and the system of sand dunes and lakes, connecting them in a harmonious way, creating a special and impressive style for Hilltop Valley Golf Club in Hanoi.

Thanks to the beauty of nature here and the ingenuity of the investor as well as the designer, players when coming to Hilltop golf course not only experience the daring polishing lines but also enjoy the full range of golf courses. The natural beauty of heaven and earth is majestic but equally poetic of the Northwest mountains and forests. This bring the beauty to the courses and turn it into one of the most beautiful golf courses in Vietnam.

Top Utilities

Not only the golf experience or the surrounding scenery, but the facilities at Hilltop Valley Golf Club also make customers satisfied. These facilities are world-class and can meet all the needs of golfers and tourists, including:

• Standard lighting system for players to have accurate and complete shots, especially in unfavorable weather conditions.

• The clubhouse is luxuriously designed with full facilities, promising to attract golfers from the first time they set foot here.

• Right to the right of the Club lobby is a luxurious restaurant, serving a variety of dishes and specialties of Hoa Binh mountains and forests for customers to come here to experience more new flavors.

• The changing room area, spacious bathroom, fully equipped to help golfers relax after hours of tiring practice.

• Proshop provides a full range of equipment and tools to serve players such as golf balls, golf clubs, clothes, hats and shoes from famous brands in the world.

• Professional staff, caddies, enthusiastic support customers whenever you need, help you get the best shots and the most relaxing moments.

hilltop valley golf club hanoi

If you are a golf enthusiast, love to discover new things, you should not miss Hilltop Valley Golf Club. Surely this place will give you relaxing moments with friends and family on weekends or holidays or during golf tours in Vietnam. You will quickly find a golf course that suits your needs and satisfy your passion as it is truly wonderful golf courses in Vietnam.

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