thanh lanh valley golf courses

Thanh Lanh Valley Golf & Resort: Excellent Golf Courses In Vietnam By Sir Nick Faldo

Thanh Lanh Valley Golf & Resort

BLUEBELL TOURS VIETNAM – Thanh Lanh Valley Golf & Resort is an excellent golf course in Vietnam designed by sir Nick Faldo. This 18-hole golf course was officially opened in 2021 – the lasted golf courses in Hanoi, Northern Vietnam. located in beautiful valley with stunning lakes and mountains around, Thanh Lanh Valley Golf & Resort is an ideal choice for all players to enjoy truly wonderful golf tours in Hanoi, Vietnam.



Inspired by the most beautiful fairy tale village of Hallstatt in Austria, with a Western-style design, Thanh Lanh Valley Golf & Resort possesses a luxurious, classic and poetic beauty like a miniature European paradise. The design style and unique features make it a great golf destination for anyone wishing to enjoy a unique experience for their golf tours in Hanoi, Vietnam.

Thanh Lanh golf course is located in the Serena Valley Resort Golf & Club complex by the romantic Thanh Lanh Lake and this is the newest golf course out of a total of 4 golf courses in Vietnam that are open for operation in Vinh Phuc province. With a distance of about 60 km north of Hanoi capital city, Thanh Lanh golf course is a great choice. Designed by golf legend – Sir Nick Faldo, this is the perfect place to play golf in Vietnam.

thanh lanh valley golf courses

As soon as players arrive here, golfers will quickly feel the peace and relaxation by the cool green color of the mountains and the calm and clear lake. The most special is the Club House designed by the investor himself, looking like an extremely magnificent ancient castle, a scene that is both majestic and poetic.

Immediately after preparing, you are ready to explore Thanh Lanh 18-hole standard golf courses in Vietnam with a length of 7000 yards on a total area of 73 hectares, the course has 5 separate tee boxes suitable for all levels. All golfers are thrilled to discover and conquer a new golf course.

Indeed, Nick Faldo’s personal work in Vietnam has inherited the pristine values of Thanh Lanh Lake, surrounded by a diverse natural landscape of mountains, valleys, lakes, open spaces into an isolated and peaceful space nestled at the foot of Tam Dao mountain.

The golf holes of Thanh Lanh Valley Golf & Resort are also designed very nicely, not too easy or too difficult, suitable for both leisure or experienced golfers who love to join golf tours in Hanoi, Vietnam. The round ended with the par 5 18 hole – the hole judged by the survey team to have extremely impressive beauty. Standing from here, golfers can fully see the clubhouse and take in the eyes of the white bunkers and the beautiful fairway leading to the green.

thanh lanh valley golf courses

Thanh Lanh Golf Course is located in Trung My Commune, Binh Xuyen District, Vinh Phuc Province is a subdivision in the Thanh Lanh Valley Golf & Resort eco-tourism project of Nam Tam Dao Joint Stock Company. This is a location 1000m above sea level, the climate is cool all year round, the average temperature is about 18-25 degrees Celsius. This natural condition is considered ideal for golf and outdoor sports. from 4.5-5h to pass 18 holes of golf.

Thanh Lanh golf courses was completed on September 11, 2021 and received a lot of attention from golfers. Although it has just been put into operation, Thanh Lanh golf course is considered as one of the two best designed golf courses in Vietnam, along with Laguna Lang Co Golf & Resort in central of Vietnam.

Unique Design Of Thanh Lanh Golf Course

Thanh Lanh golf course is 73 hectares wide with 18 holes, a total length of 7000 yards divided into 5 separate tee boxes to suit the level and needs of golfers at many different levels. The course was designed by the famous golf course design company Faldo Design, which has been behind a number of golf course projects in Vietnam such as Laguna Lang Co Hue or Hoan Cau Long An. The main designer and famous golfer Nick Faldo, who has won many major golf tournaments in the world.

“This is a special location that gives us the opportunity to create a memorable world-class golf course,” said Nick Faldo. In addition to the nine holes by the lake, Faldo Design’s design also offers spectacular views of the mountains and lake from all 18 holes. This is truly amazing to play golf in Hanoi, Vietnam at one of the top beautiful golf courses in Hanoi, Vietnam.

A rather unique feature of Thanh Lanh golf course is that although it is located in a valley surrounded by mountains and hills, it is a link-type course (a long course, usually courses near the sea, strong winds, etc.) few trees, and flat…). Thanh Lanh Valley Golf & Resort – “link-style course” but with the unique hilly valley and lake-bed style golf courses in Vietnam.

thanh lanh valley golf courses

Impressive Natural Beauty

The entire golf course area is a beauty in harmony with nature and fresh and cool atmosphere. The whole golf course is located in the south of Tam Dao range, right next to Thanh Lanh lake with an area of 3.5km2. Surrounding Thanh Lanh golf course are small hills with an average height of about 100m, turning this place into an isolated space with a peaceful atmosphere, and the lush green of trees. When coming here, golfers have the opportunity to enjoy the whispering wind from Tam Dao National Park and the very fresh atmosphere. All these characters leave the golf courses privileges to be the most beautiful mountain golf courses in Hanoi, Vietnam.

Currently, the course is using Zoysia grass, which brings beauty to the eyes and has an extremely environmentally friendly care process. The grass is cut with a fairway height of about 12mm, semi rough 20mm and rough from 32-45mm, Green maintained around level 8.

Moderate Difficulty Level

According to many players, Thanh Lanh golf course has moderate difficulty. Depending on the golf hole, there will be designs with different levels of challenge. Especially the fairway area of the course is very wide with the width of most of it is 50-60 yards. This contributes to making it more convenient for golfers to make “full-hand” driver shots, therefore all players will enjoy the game during the golf tours in Hanoi, Vietnam.

thanh lanh valley golf courses

Thanh Lanh golf courses surface is relatively flat. The course is not too steep or undulating, so the shots also become favorable thanks. This position is also good windbreak, less impact on the ball’s path. Therefore, golfers do not have to calculate too much for each shot.

However, Thanh Lanh golf course is also designed with many sand holes, red stake traps, lakes, etc. The bunkers simulate mountains with relative depth, steep walls and rather bumpy green surface. This provides a moderate challenge, not boring for players during the time to play golf in Hanoi, Vietnam.


Golf Club
The very striking club building is designed in a classic Nordic style. At first glance, many people will immediately think of ancient castles in fairy tales. This place has an open space, the front overlooks the golf course and the back is a system of high-class resort villas. This is the ideal destination for golfers to rest and relax after a stressful round of golf during their golf tours in Vietnam.

Coffee & Restaurant
The cafe and restaurant area is also built in a classic style. The menu here is a combination of traditional Vietnamese dishes and many other Asian – European delicacies. Along with that is the cafe area with luxurious and polite design for players to relax after the time to play golf in Hanoi, Vietnam.

Professional Caddy Team
The caddy team of Thanh Lanh Valley Golf & Resort is highly appreciated by players. Experienced caddy, dedicated support, modern uniforms, well-organized, very good sympathy for golfers

Thanh Lanh Golf Course is just a subdivision in Thanh Lanh Valley Golf & Resot resort complex with a scale of 386 hectares of investor Nam Tam Dao. Behind the golf club is a system of extremely high-class resort villas under construction. In the future, this place promises to bring a luxurious and relaxing space to visitors.

The shop located in the clubhouse has a wide range of golf accessories. Players can come here to find genuine golf products at affordable prices.

Green fees at Thanh Lanh golf course in Vietnam
• Weekdays: from 90 USD
• Weekend: From 160 USD

thanh lanh valley golf courses

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