vung tau paradise golf courses


Vung Tau Paradise Golf Courses is 27-hole golf courses in Vietnam, Par 72/36 with the length of 6840 yards. This Vietnam golf courses is designed by Taiwan Golf Corp who had built one of the best beach golf courses in Vietnam with some greens located by the sea.

Designer: Taiwan Golf Corp

Holes / Par: 27 holes par 72/36

Yardage: 6840 yards

Distance: 180 minutes from Saigon

Closed on: Open everyday

Golfers per group: 4 golfers

vung tau paradise golf courses


Vung Tau Paradise Golf Courses is one of the top beach golf courses in Vietnam. Located by the sea in Vung Tau City. It is about 125 km from Saigon city to this Vietnam golf courses. With the high way from Saigon to Vung Tau, it is quite convenient to drive to Vung Tau, you can enjoy play golf and come back to Saigon in one day but the best is to stay overnight in the city to enjoy play golf in Vung Tau and explore this beautiful city.



Vung Tau Paradise Golf Courses is opened in 1992 and this is the first golf courses in Vung Tau City, South of Vietnam. This Vietnam golf courses is built on gently sloping terrain, deep depressions, creating different levels leaving the golf courses stunning landscapes. In order to turn this golf courses into something truly wonderful and exclusive; Taiwan Golf Corp had designed some greens just by the sea. This brings wonderful challenges for golfers to enjoy play golf in Vietnam with nice breezes from the ocean.

The pitch slope is moderate, undulating with small, gentle hills, creating soft curves for the surface of Vung Tau Paradise Golf Courses. The green space of this golf course in Vietnam followed by the green space of the sea creates an endless space, helping golfers feel relaxed and enjoy the best golf tours in Vietnam by the sea.

Vung Tau Paradise Golf Courses is a 27-hole golf courses in Vietnam. The special link-style is wonderfully designed based on the playing style of famous golfers in the world. The difference in length, width as well as shapes of fairways, greens, golf holes combining with bunkers, sand dunes creating exciting challenges for players to enjoy best golf tours in Vietnam.

Each golf hole at this Vietnam golf courses has its own style and characters, dotted with purple colors of aquatic flowers such as water lilies and lotuses, making Vung Tau Paradise Golf Courses more beautiful and more attractive. The lush green of the grass; greens/ fairways, immense blue of the sky, blend together in a vast green space. All the greens are connected with one another in special ways ensuring golfers will enjoy delightful experience to play golf in Vietnam at this gorgeous beach golf courses.

The pitch is designed with sloping terrain, the undulating courtyard with successive hillsides brings eye-catching undulating waves. Players will have the feeling that the blue of this Vietnam golf courses is stretched to infinity. At the same time, the uneven terrain of Vung Tau Paradise Golf Courses is also a huge challenge for golfers, especially new players. Players need to have the correct tactics to be able to complete the round with the least number of strokes to enjoy the most from Vietnam golf tours here.

This 27-hole golf courses in Vietnam is design with 3 flights A, B, C. Each flight has a total of 9 holes and each golf hole owns different and very attractive designs. Players will not find any similar among 27 holes at Vung Tau Paradise Golf Courses.

This Vietnam golf courses is surrounded by dense vegetation and the freshest air from the ocean. Large lakes, bunkers and water hazards all built in unique styles to offer players wonderful experience for their golf tours in Vietnam.

Vung Tau Paradise Golf Courses is located in Paradise Beachside Resort with special architecture inspiring from stilt houses of the Central Highlands of Vietnam. Each bungalow is designed according to different area and number of rooms. This meets the diverse needs of groups, organizations and families when choosing Vung Tau Paradise Golf Courses for hi-end holidays and golf tours in Vietnam.

As this Vietnam golf courses is right by the sea and this bring golf courses truly breathtaking landscapes. The design team built natural lakes, aquatic gardens such as water lilies, lotus flowers or natural green grasses. All this offer an excellent place to enjoy golf tours in Vietnam.

With the diversity in design as well as its own style, Vung Tau Paradise Golf Courses has been chosen by many golfers. This is also the place to hold many golf tournaments in Vietnam. If you are looking for something exclusive for your golf tours in Vietnam, this beautiful beach golf courses is the right choice.


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