long thanh golf club


Long Thanh Golf Club is 36 – hole golf courses in Vietnam. Designed by Mr. Ron Fream who has made Long Thanh Golf Courses to be top beautiful golf courses in Vietnam. 40km away from center of Saigon, it is right choice to play golf in Saigon.

Designer: Ronald Fream, Golfplan

Holes / Par: 36 holes par 72/72

Yardage: 7011/7056 yard

Distance: 60 minutes from Saigon City

Closed on: Open everyday

Golfers per group: 4 golfers

long thanh golf club


Long Thanh Golf Club is located in the southern economic triangle, about 40 minutes by car from the center of Ho Chi Minh City. Designed by Mr. Ron Fream – founder of architecture firm Golfplan – Fream & Dale Golf Course Architecture, with over 35 years of experience in the design, construction and maintenance of golf courses worldwide.


Long Thanh Golf Course was voted as the most beautiful and best golf course in Vietnam and one of the most beautiful golf courses in Asia. Long Thanh Golf Course is also a place serving nearly 1000 members, of which more than 60% are from Europe, Japan, Korea, Singapore, China, Thailand…

With an area of more than 350 hectares, of which about 100 hectares are grassy hills and located in a high hill position, surrounded by 2/3 of the circumference by Dong Nai tributaries, the climate here is very cool, fresh and scenic.

Gentle but charming. Owning great style that winding through the palm trees, lakes and waterfalls leave Long Thanh Golf Club truly beautiful scenery. The golf course is covered by Paspalum grass not only creating a level of beauty but offering exact shorts for golfers. With the landscapes and beautiful countryside around, cool climate giving players a sense of absolute relaxation to enjoy golf tours in Saigon, Vietnam.

Currently, there are two golf courses at Long Thanh; Hill courses with 18 holes and Lake Courses with 18 holes. Both golf courses at Long Thanh Golf Club are perfectly designed to bring golfers at all levels thrilling and exciting challenges for golf tours in Vietnam. The lighting system is of international quality, serving even golfers who love to play golf in Saigon at night.

Another strength of Long Thanh Golf Club is professional staff, well-trained in golf rules, English, fitness and customer service by a British expert from PGA – Professional Golf Association. They have satisfied customers by a professional and enthusiastic service attitude to customers on each golf course. The most perfect service system and spirit of service has been and is always ready to welcome you to Long Thanh Golf Course where you surely enjoy great golf tours in Vietnam.


Each of the nine holes of the golf course has par 36 and offers a variety of challenges for both professionals and beginners. The golf course is a delicate design between undulating green rolling balls, winding through palm forests or artificial lakes, small waterfalls. Few golf courses in Asia can compare with Long Thanh Golf Club in that golfers can both play and enjoy the magnificent scenery and fresh and cool environment.


The 18-hole Lake Courses is designed with international standard lighting to play golf at night. At night, the yard looks like a fanciful and romantic wing. The charm and attractive beauty of that Vietnamese style seems to be enhanced with the lighting system and fresh air, contributing to more accurate shots.


Built from the hands of famous designer Mr. Ron Fream, with 35 years of experience in the construction and maintenance of major golf courses around the world. Long Thanh Golf Course is one of the masterpieces voted as the most beautiful and best golf course in Vietnam. At the same time, this is also the golf course in the top of the most beautiful golf courses in Asia. Long Thanh Golf Courses is always the top choice of best golf courses in Saigon, Vietnam.

Mr. Ron Fream cleverly took advantage of the location and topographical advantages of this place to create a magnificent project. The special design style offering the most flexible ways for all gofers to enjoy playing golf in Vietnam and this has turned Long Thanh golf course in Saigon to be an ideal destination for those who want to conquer exciting and thrilling challenges during golf tours in Vietnam.

Referring to Long Thanh Golf Club, one must mention the wonderful structure here. This golf course is designed with 36 holes, standard golf course of 72 strokes for 18-hole golf courses, suitable for both leisure and sport players who love to play golf in Vietnam.

Long Thanh Golf Club is an international standard golf courses in Saigon, Vietnam. The grass used on the course is completely real and specialized for international golf courses in Vietnam. It is known that this grass variety is 100% imported from countries specializing in supplying grass for famous golf courses. On Fair and Teeway, Mr. Ron Fream has cleverly brought the color-resistant Plaspalum grass to withstand the cutting pressure of the good Green area to increase the experience for players. In particular, the grass used in the Green area is Tifdwaf Bermuda grass – a specialized grass for world professional tournaments.


Club House
The Club House is a complex of service area with unique designing style, modern and luxury. The Club House comprise restaurants, café, checking in area, waiting areas, locker rooms and pro-shop.

Driving Range
Long Thanh Golf Course owns a spacious practice ground for guests to warm up before playing, moreover, it is also guided by experienced Vietnamese staff on golf exercises. The training ground does not have artificial grass or carpet, but practice guests can play right on the real grass as if they were playing on a golf course.

Gests coming to the restaurant at Long Thanh Golf Club, you will have the opportunity to immerse yourself in a unique and rich culinary world, a harmonious combination of Eastern and Western cultures. Here, you can both enjoy delicious food, feel the fresh, luxurious and cozy atmosphere with the dedicated service of polite and courteous staff.

At the proshop where you will find a wide range of merchandise at reasonable prices (sticks, balls, accessories, souvenirs, and more). Besides, customers will also be satisfied with enthusiastic advice to buy or rent golf equipment from professionally trained staff.

With full equipment, the changing rooms of Long Thanh Golf Club always meet the requirements of customers, even the most demanding customers. Changing rooms with 500 spacious lockers, 56 bathrooms … help customers feel absolutely relaxed before and after play golf in Saigon.


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