golf courses in Hanoi


Hanoi Golf Courses: Phoenix Golf Resort is 54-hole golf courses in Vietnam, comprising three golf courses of 18 holes. Located in Luong Son District, 40 km from Hanoi, Phoenix Golf Resort is convenient for all players enjoying excellent golf tours in Hanoi, Vietnam.

Designer: Golfplan, Ronald Fream

Holes / Par: 54 holes par 72/72/72

Yardage: 7206/7115/7087 yards

Distance: 60 minutes from Hanoi City

Closed on: Open everyday

Golfers per group: 4 golfers

golf courses in Hanoi


Phoenix Golf Resort is one of a few 54-hole golf courses in Vietnam, comprising three wonderful courses: Phoenix Course, Dragon Course and Champion Course. Designed by Ronald Fream from USA, Songho Golf Design Group from Korea and Sato Kentaro from Japan. These golf designing teams and experts who guarantee all golfers will have wonderful experience to play golf in Hanoi at this magnificent golf courses in Hanoi. For golfers who love challenging as well as relaxing while playing golf in Vietnam and those who are looking for something different from golf courses in Vietnam, then the Phoenix Golf Resort is the right choice.



This 54-hole golf club in Hanoi owns truly amazing natural beauty, inheriting from the very special geography of location, Limestone mountains with very interesting formation. The limestone mountains here are very similar to Ha Long Bay, therefore Phoenix Golf Resort is called “HA LONG BAY ON LAND”. This top golf courses in Hanoi is 100% invested by foreign company and this is also an advantage of the golf courses to be the top luxury golf resort in Hanoi, Vietnam.

Phoenix Golf Resort started building from 2005 on an area of 515 hectares including 54-hole golf courses and 5-star hotel with 200 rooms. Since it was put into full operation, this is the most famous golf resort in Hanoi as well as Vietnam by PGA. This is also the place organizing many international and Vietnamese golf tournaments.

Phoenix Golf Course in Hanoi is located in Lam Son commune, Luong Son district, Hoa Binh Province, Northern Vietnam. It is about 40 km from center of Hanoi city. With the new road opened recently, it is very easy and quick to get to the golf courses. Mentioning about mountain golf courses in Vietnam, it is the most beautiful one as the location has stunning limestone mountains that would not be found in any other golf club in Hanoi or Vietnam.

Phoenix Golf Course in Hanoi is 54-hole golf courses built on an area of 311 hectares, including three golf courses that were designed by three different companies. Due to this, each of courses has its own style. The Champion Course is a links-style open golf course while the Phoenix and Dragon Courses are more like hilly style. No matter what course you choose, you surely will have excellent experience and sweet memories for your luxury golf tours in Hanoi, Vietnam.

As it is the 54-golf club in Hanoi, therefore, the Phoenix Golf Resort is the largest one in Vietnam and the second largest golf courses in Asia, just after Mission Hills Golf Courses in China. With a special terrain surrounded by Limestone mountains and tropical forests, this golf courses in Hanoi is favored as “Ha Long on land”. The smooth green lawns and the stretching green system add to the poetic landscape of the green. It is so beautiful and of courses, it is the best place to play golf in Hanoi or enjoy excellent golf tours in Hanoi.

Despite having their own design features, all three courses of Phoenix Golf Resort Hanoi, they all have winding ball lines interspersed with overlapping limestone mountains in common. This special character leave golfers impressive experience from the first moment.

From the Phoenix Course, golfers can fully enjoy the wonderful natural landscape thanks to a wide view. With a beautiful skyline view, Dragon Course promises to bring impressive golf games. Champion Course will be excellent choice for golfers who love challenge while taking golf tours in Hanoi.

Not only has the beautiful and unique natural landscape, the fully-equipped utility system of this golf courses in Hanoi will also make golfers unforgettable to the feeling of relaxation and comfort when playing golf in Hanoi at this top hi-end golf courses in Vietnam. The Club House is built on a total area of 9753 square matters with a full range of services for golfers such as bathrooms, changing rooms, beauty spa, restaurants and proshop.

PHOENIX COURSE: Designed by Golf Plan and built by Calvin Sylva. These are all the leading golf course design and construction units in the world today.

CHAMPION COURSE: Designed by Song Ho Golf Company and built by Lee Heel Cheol. This is a world famous golf course designer from Korea.

DRAGON COURSE: Designed by world famous architect from Japan – Mr. Dachigawa Hiromisu.

One of the special features of the Phoenix Golf Courses in Hanoi that makes any golfer who comes here must also admire it is an extremely favorable location, considered as the land of “Phoenix and Dragon”. Surrounding the golf course are majestic and poetic high mountains creating a ravishing natural picture.

In the process of designing and building Phoenix Golf Courses in Hanoi, the designing teams have tried to make the most of the natural terrain features of this place, creating a beautiful natural landscape and bringing golfers full of challenges to enjoy the most of their golf tours in Vietnam.

Covering Phoenix Golf Re in Hanoi is a top-class grass system imported from other countries. The grass is always carefully taken care by experienced professionals team who ensuring that the golf course is always the best quality all year around, especially in Winter time in the North of Vietnam. As it is always in such a great condition, therefore, Phoenix Golf Courses in Hanoi is a wonderful place to enjoy excellent golf tours in Hanoi, Vietnam.

Club House
Club house of Phoenix Golf Res in Hanoi has an extremely large area, up to nearly 10 thousand square meters, with European architecture that is both modern and ancient. Thanks to the location in the center of the golf course, the movement of golfers is also very easy and convenient. Inside the building are many different areas and utility services, fully meeting the entertainment and relaxation needs of golfers who come to play golf in Hanoi and this top luxury golf courses in Vietnam.

Locker Rooms
Locker rooms at Phoenix Golf Re in Hanoi are equipped with clear and modern personal wooden cabinets. Each locker has a secure magnetic lock, so golfers can safely store and preserve their belongings during their time on the course.

After hours of having fun to play golf in Hanoi, there will definitely come a time when golfers need to find a place to relax. Then, the restaurant will be a great place. The restaurant has a luxurious and spacious space with a capacity of more than 200 people at the same time. Here, golfers can enjoy attractive dishes from many different cuisines around the world. In addition to the common sitting area, the restaurant also arranges VIP rooms, conference rooms with private space, accommodating dozens of people to enjoy food after playing golf in Hanoi at Phoenix Golf Courses in Vietnam.

Being the largest golf courses in Vietnam, three choice of courses, wonderful style and structures, truly beautiful, excellent services and facilities, Phoenix Golf Resort in Hanoi is the right choice to enjoy luxury golf courses in Vietnam.

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