dong nai golf resort vietnam


Dong Nai Golf Resort is 27-hole golf courses in Dong Nai Province, Southern Vietnam. This Vietnam golf courses is designed by Ward W Northrup, par 72/36 with the length of 6836 yards. Owning beautiful landscapes and great countryside around, Dong Nai Golf Resort is ideal for golf tours in Saigon.

Designer: Ward W Northrup

Holes / Par: 27 holes, par 72/36

Yardage: 6836 yards

Distance: 120 minutes from Saigon

Closed on: Open everyday

Golfers per group: 4 golfers

dong nai golf resort vietnam


Dong Nai Golf Resort is located in beautiful location with great natural landscapes and countryside. Just 50 km from center of Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City), it is an ideal place to enjoy golf tours in Saigon. As one of the earliest golf courses in Vietnam, officially open in 1997, this golf courses in Vietnam as long history, fairly well-known to both Vietnamese and international golfers for its beauty and high quality services/ facilities.



Dong Nai Golf Courses is located near the Highway No1, 50 km from Saigon and it would take around an hour to drive to the golf courses. This is quite convenient for golfers to enjoy golf tours in Saigon. Since it is put into full operation, this golf courses in Vietnam is listed as top 10 beautiful golf courses in Vietnam as well as in South East Asia. If you are looking for a golf courses that allow you to play golf in beautiful nature while enjoy fun experience and relax, then Dong Nai Golf Resort in the choice for you.

This Vietnam golf courses attract many golfers due to its exclusive design, beautiful natural landscapes. The equipment and facilities are modern, meeting international standards. At Dong Nai Golf Courses in Vietnam, all golfers will have great time to play golf in Saigon as well as experience hi-end services.

The outstanding feature of this Vietnam golf courses is the natural lake which has an area of around 1000ha. The water level also changes seasonally, creating an extremely attractive landscape for Dong Nai Golf Resort. The fairways, golf holes are designed in special structures, bending around the rubber trees forests and beautiful lake. This is not only the top 10 beautiful golf courses in Vietnam but the most beautiful golf courses in Saigon.

Dong Nai Golf Course was designed by Ward W. Northrup – a famous designer from USA. The golf course offers great experiences for golfers with many harmonious natural landscapes and lots of exciting challenges for golfers to enjoy delightful golf tours in Vietnam. The total area of this golf courses in Vietnam is about 260 ha. All equipment and facilities meet the standards of hi-end international golf courses. The golf course is divided into three zones. Each zone has 9 holes.

The length of each zone is about 3500 yards calculated from the distance from the teeing ground. The first 18 holes was officially put into operation in 1998 and in October 2002, the remaining 9 holes were also completed to welcome golfers who love to play golf in Saigon, Vietnam.

At Dong Nai Golf Resort, the most impressive hole is the hole number 3, Par 3 with a length of 165 yards. Golfers will hit the ball from the tee to the green that is located on an island with very natural and wild landscape.

As this golf courses in Vietnam is located in the south of Vietnam with tropical climate and it is quite nice for golfing in Vietnam all year around. With nice breezes from the lake and beautiful countryside, it is very relaxing for golfers to enjoy exclusive golf tours in Vietnam.

In order to get to the golf course, golfers will pass through a lush green sycamore forest, a colorful tropical landscape of flowers and grass. Also for this reason, Dong Nai Golf Resort is voted to be top 10 most beautiful golf courses in Southeast Asia.


East Course: Holes on the East Course require golfers to balance strength, accuracy and careful calculation to overcome the challenge. The pits are characterized by large elevation differences, with trails stretching and crisscrossing valleys and streams. In particular, the 7th hole on the East Course is considered one of the most beautiful holes of this golf courses in Vietnam, with beautiful scenery and high technical challenge.

West Course: The holes on the West Course give players an interesting golf experience, with the wild pine forest architecture adjacent to the golf holes creating the wild, brilliant beauty of nature. course. Holes were designed with laps around the river, desired formations taking into account the length and wind and difficulties impeding the ball’s path.

South Course: South Course is considered one of the most interesting and diverse games. This golf course is designed to highlight the gentle beauty of Non Nuoc hills and stream valleys. The reasonable layout of the gauges, the subtlety in the design of the large counters and the short cuts make the South Course the most loved and enjoyable program at the Dong Nai Golf Resort.

Dong Nai Golf Courses in Vietnam converges the most favorable conditions in terms of landscape, spacious and green space. The courses fully meet 5-star quality utility services such as: club house, villas, dining areas, massage, spa. This is also a place for golfers to having fun with families and friends. With great advantages, this golf courses in Vietnam becomes a destination that attracts a large number of golfers who love to play golf in Saigon, Vietnam.


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