brg legend valley golf club vietnam


BRG Legend Valley Golf Club is an 18-hole golf courses in Vietnam, located in Kim Bang, Ha Nam Province. Just about 60 minutes driving from Hanoi city center, Legend Valley Golf Club another excellent golf courses in Vietnam designed by Nicklaus, great for golf tours in Vietnam.

Designer: Nicklaus

Holes / Par: 36 holes par 72/72

Yardage: 7,278 yards

Distance: 60 minutes from Hanoi

Closed on: Open everyday

Golfers per group: 4 golfers

brg legend valley golf club vietnam


VIETNAM GOLF COURSES: BRG Legend Valley Golf Club consists of two courses of 18 holes, designed by Nicklaus Design. These two golf courses in Vietnam meet international standards, surrounded by majestic limestone mountains, among them, the South Courses is truly a one-of-a-kind masterpiece. The natural landscapes are amazing, combining with special design of Nicklaus Design who turn this to be a wonderful place for players to enjoy luxury golf tours in Vietnam.


The golf course has a tee area with a total length of 7268 yards, with many deep bunkers, high tees. According to Sean Quinn, senior design specialist at Nicklaus Design, “This is the best golf courses in Vietnam I’ve ever done.” BRG Legend Valley Golf Club aims at a harmonious lifestyle between resort and peaceful nature experience. The natural beauty and spectacular design ensure all players will have the best golf tours in Vietnam at this place.

The southern court of Legend Valley is interspersed between 9 small mountains and many scattered water hazards. 14 of this course’s 18 holes are located near water hazards, with a carefully crafted design that ensures spacious hitting areas and minimizes ball entry natural traps. From there, players will have more options to approach the hole as well as get the best score at each hole while playing golf in Vietnam.

The South Courses at BRG Legend Valley Golf Club is truly special and this is the only golf courses in Vietnam owns unique characters. The east and south of this golf courses in Vietnam are bordered by beautiful limestone mountains extending to the North Course. The South Course is meandering around nine smaller mountains, with numerous creeks running through. Water hazards are present in 14 of the 18 holes, however great care has been taken in this feature to ensure that wide golf courses and overshoots are kept to a minimum. No matter you are leisure or sport players, this is where you enjoy the best golf tours in Vietnam.

Golfers will have many options in how to play each hole but will need to be brave for a few shots to score well. The South Course has a great variety of directions for golf holes and a great balance between dogleg holes and the direction of the greens. The first nine holes of BRG Legend Valley Golf Club take golfers to the end of the courses, while the other nine holes take golfers back to the Clubhouse.

The routing process also gets a lot of attention to find the 18 most spectacular “greens” on this golf courses in Vietnam. The green area will be large and undulating with spacious flat flag areas to blend in with the surrounding terrain. Each green will be a combination of flag areas from easy to difficult therefore, it is suitable for golfers at all levels to enjoy great golf tours in Vietnam.

The sand traps are very special with many “sharp” edges that simulate the sharp corners of the surrounding mountains. The teeing ground is mostly elevated, with many teeing ground located in unique areas such as canyons, atop rocky outcrops, or dangling off the side of a mountain. All are designed to be wide and long, allowing for a variety of hole lengths to be set based on day-to-day requirements. This special style ensure all players will enjoy the most of their golf tours in Vietnam.

The abundance of natural rock on BRG Legend Valley Golf Club allows the use of cliff walls to complement the greens, teeing ground and lake shores. Overpasses will use prefabricated culverts or large pipes with low stone fences on either side. Low rock fences will be designed as safety barriers on either side of the tramway at the water overpasses.


This golf courses in Vietnam has a length of between 5,252 and 7,278 yards with many water hazards in each hole. The golf course is delicately designed to make the most of the features of the terrain here, providing a challenging golf course for players to enjoy the best golf tours in Vietnam.

Mr. Mark Reeves, Head of Golf Division of BRG Group shared, “The majestic landscape of the Northern mountains, combined with the talented hands of designer Nicklaus will give golfers an unforgettable experience when playing at this 36-hole golf course with twin green holes. The hole is both downhill and uphill or the hole slopes straight from the tee to the green… Especially at the hole that gives it the name Rose Valley, golfers have to hit the ball along the valley full of roses to reach it; and with just a slight misalignment of the hand, golfers will experience how challenging the rose bushes can be.”

Following the great golf courses in Vietnam such as the “twin green” golf course at BRG Legend Hill Golf Resort or the 19th hole at Kings Course at BRG Kings Island Golf Resort, the world’s leading golf course designer Nicklaus is completely confident that this will be a new golf masterpiece of Vietnam where all golfers will find wonderful experience for their golf tours in Vietnam.

With the desire to bring golf experiences along with international standard hotel services, Legend Valley Country Club will apply the “Stay&Play” resort package to help golfers reduce travel time and have more options for players to enjoy golf tours in Vietnam.

This is also an attractive destination for luxury golf tours in Vietnam to relax, enjoy the natural beauty of 4 tropical seasons, visit historical and cultural sites as well as experience the incredible cuisines of Vietnam while playing golf in Vietnam.


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