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Amber Hills Golf & Resort is 36-hole golf courses in Vietnam, designed by Albanese & Lutzke, located on a hill with lush green vegetation; about 50 km from Hanoi. Each hole of Amber Hills Golf & Resort is intentionally designed in harmony with beautiful nature, perfect down to every detail.

Designer: Albanese & Lutzke; K.J.Choi

Holes / Par: 36 holes par 72/72

Yardage: 7,278 yards

Distance: 90 minutes from Hanoi

Closed on: Open everyday


With unique terrain as well as diverse golf courses in Vietnam, Amber Hills Golf & Resort promises to challenge even the best golfers, living up to its title of “The most challenging golf course in Vietnam”. Taking advantage of the terrain of the majestic Nham Bien mountain range, Amber Hills Golf & Resort is proud to always bring players completely new experiences every time they play. With the natural mountainside terrain, along with the skillful arrangement of sand traps and water traps, the architects have created diverse golf courses that bring many levels of emotions to players. Each green and tee on the course has a different, unique view. This is where all players will enjoy excellent golf tours in Vietnam.


BLUEBELL TOURS VIETNAM – Amber Hills Golf & Resort is one of high class golf courses in Vietnam. Located on the heart of resort complex with stunning landscapes, this is one of ideal place to play golf in Hanoi, Vietnam. Just 50 km from Hanoi center; taking around 50 minutes to drive, Amber Hills Golf & Resort is one of an excellent choice for both sport and leisure players to enjoy wonderful golf tours in Vietnam.


Amber Hills Golf & Resort is located in Bac Giang Province. It is inside a resort invested by QNK Joint Stock Company. This is not only a place to play golf in Vietnam but also a top-notch resort space located on lush green vegetation with panoramic views of the Northern Vietnam. This golf courses in Vietnam possesses a prime location in Bac Giang Privince, near the Hanoi – Bac Giang expressway. It is about 50 km from Hanoi center and would take around 50 minutes to get there.

Stretching over an area of 190 hectares, Amber Hills Golf & Resort is 36-hole golf courses in Vietnam, running all over Nham Bien Mountain Range. This leaves the golf courses amazing landscapes. Amber Hills Golf & Resort is designed by Albanese & Lutzke – America’s leading design and construction management company. Under the talented hands of designing team, Amber Hills Golf & Resort is not only challenging but also has natural beauty. It is the ideal choice for players who love to play golf in Vietnam.

With stratified terrain that does not follow a certain rule, each hole of this golf courses in Vietnam is arranged at a different height. The fairways are not parallel like golf courses on flat terrains, but go up and down, winding along the mountain slopes. Especially the holes with Par 3 offering wonderful challenges for players to enjoy great experience while enjoy the most of their golf tours in Vietnam.

Wind is also considered a “specialty” of Amber Hills Golf & Resort. It’s great when playing golf in the mountains where golfers can enjoy the wind like a links golf course on the beach.

Because of its uniqueness, in 2019, Amber Hills Golf & Resort won the title “Most challenging golf course in Vietnam” by Vietnam Golf Magazine in collaboration with Vietnam Golf Association, Vietnam National Administration of Tourism, The General Department of Sports and Physical Training organizes and votes.

Albanese & Lutzke – the leading golf course design and management company in USA has taken full advantage of the unique terrain bestowed by nature to create Amber Hills Golf & Resort with unique architecture and creativity. This golf courses in Vietnam possesses the following advantages: Irregular stratified terrain, diverse golf courses, highly difficult golf holes and unpredictable wind direction… All will contribute to positioning Amber Hills Golf & Resort the ideal destination for golfers who are passionate about conquering during their Vietnam golf tours.

Amber Hills golf course will continue to build and complete the villa and hotel complex in phase 1. Deploying phase 2, this golf courses in Vietnam will be designed and built with 18 more holes, bringing the total number to 36 holes with an investment of up to 1,600 billion VND. At this stage, Amber Hills golf course continues to accompany the design unit Albanese & Lutzke; At the same time, there is additional advice from “Asian golf legend” K.J.Choi. The above combination is expected to make Amber Hills Golf & Resort become a leading unique golf courses in Vietnam in the near future.

Amber Hills Golf Courses in Vietnam’s management board is having strategies to promote investment in facilities and people to bring all customers the best experiences. In the context of Vietnam tourism restarting after the Covid-19. It is believing that Amber Hills Golf & Resort will contribute to promoting the economic development of Bac Giang Province and it is surely a great place for players to play golf in Vietnam.


This golf courses in Vietnam is located in Tien Phong Village, Yen Dung district, Bac Giang province. This place is about 50 km north of Hanoi and would take around 90 minutes traveling from center of Hanoi city. The traffic is quite convenient at the moment.

Golfers can take the new route from Hanoi via Bac Ninh City then strait to the golf courses. This mountain golf courses in Vietnam is located within the majestic Nham Bien mountain range, an ideal place for golfers to satisfy their passion for golf as well as relaxation. It is one of the top golf clubs in Vietnam for players to enjoy wonderful Vietnam golf tours.


Unique Layered Terrain
With stratified terrain that does not follow a certain rule, each golf hole is arranged at a different height. The spiral golf course with many unexpected turns creates a unique appeal only found at Amber Hills Golf & Resort.

Impressive Hole Structures
Inspired by the Vietnamese image of the Sacred Turtle, the green complex of hole number 4 is cleverly arranged right next to the edge of the lake. The green represents the turtle’s shell, the 5 sand pits represent the turtle’s head and four legs. The entire green looks like a turtle just stepping out of a lake.

Play Golf In The Wind
Undeniably, wind is a “specialty” of Yen Dung yard. There’s nothing better than playing golf in the high mountains where you can enjoy the wind like link courses by the beach.

Beautiful Countryside
Amber Hills Golf & Resort is the only golf course in Vietnam that offers a panoramic view of the peaceful Northern countryside. The diverse views from every golf hole always bring a new feeling to each golfer to enjoy the best golf tours in Vietnam.


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