sky lake golf resort hanoi

Sky Lake Golf Resort – the inspiration of golfers Who Love To Play Golf In Vietnam

Sky Lake Golf Resort

BLUEBELL TOURS VIETNAM – Sky Lake Golf Resort is designed by Ahn Moon Hwan and this is one of the most beautiful golf courses in Vietnam. Sky Lake Golf Resort is known as the best 36-hole golf course in Hanoi city with beautiful views and world-class grass quality. The curving limestone mountains and peaceful lake surrounding Sky Lake Golf Club will bring you a wonderful experience. gives Golfer a feeling of comfort, relaxation and escape from the busy urban life.



Sky Lake Golf Resort is also the place to awaken the golfer’s desire to conquer for any golfers who play golf in Vietnam as Sky Lake Golf Club was voted the most challenging golf course in Vietnam. Moreover, Golfers will experience great shots every moment on the course because Sky Lake is a golf course managed and maintained by the IMG system.

The Sky Lake Golf Courses guarantee to provide golfers with the best facilities and services so that golfers love golf more and when thinking about golf, they will come to Sky Lake as their close home and this is the best place to enjoy golf tours in Hanoi.

sky lake golf resort hanoi

Sky Lake golf course was built right next to Van Son Lake, Chuong My, Hanoi. This place is only about 40km from the center of Hanoi City, equivalent to 50 minutes of travel. Therefore, Sky Lake golf course is the first choice of many golfers in the North, especially on weekends. No mater you are leisure or sport players; this is where you will enjoy wonderful golf tours in Hanoi.

Golf is a special sport that not only helps players to exercise but also inspires the desire to conquer on different terrains. Therefore, a challenging golf course is always an endless source of inspiration for enthusiasts of this sport, and Sky Lake Golf Resort (Chuong My, Hanoi) has done it with challenging holes. This is also the special features of the golf courses for players to enjoy wonderful golf tours in Vietnam.

sky lake golf resort hanoi

Through the talented hands of famous Korean designer Ahn Moon Hwan, Sky Lake not only gives golfers enjoyment through each hole, but also a refreshing feeling when conquering 18 or 36 holes of golf at the golf course.


With a length of 7,557 yards on the LAKE COURSE and 7,313 yards on the SKY COURSE, along with the unique green design on both courses, golfers will have new discoveries in terms of difficulty, slope and obstacles.

If you have ever experienced with Sky Lake, surely many golfers will be impressed with the green speed here, they are always above 9.0. The challenge does not stop there, water traps and sand traps always “hunt” the player if there are no accurate shots. The water traps at Sky Lake Golf Club Hanoi are even more unique because the golf course is designed on the natural terrain around the Van Son lake area, the golf holes embrace each winding lake, both bringing a sense of peace and bringing more challenge for players to enjoy interesting experience during golf tours in Hanoi.

Many golfers at the end of a round at Sky Lake shared: “This is a highly challenging golf course in Vietnam, the difficulty of each hole is unpredictable, but I like this. They give me a special experience that I have never had before.”

sky lake golf resort hanoi


The first time golfers playing at Sky Lake Golf Resort all share the same excitement and desire to be challenged many times to conquer their own abilities. Many golfers have left comments and reviews on Sky Lake’s google address and shared with players who are looking forward to experiencing at the course.

In order to conquer 36 holes of golf at Sky Lake Golf Club in Hanoi, many golfers have cleverly chosen to practice at 18 holes of Sky course first. SKY COURSE is slightly more challenging because the fairway is wider. Hole 15 is considered the most special golf hole on Sky Course, named Dien Bien Phu, representing the victory of Dien Bien Phu of the Vietnamese people.

The number 15 golf hole is 430 yards long with 56 peach trees symbolizing the 56 days and nights of fighting of the Vietnamese army and people. Designed in the form of A1 Dien Bien Phu hill, players when conquering this golf hole will have to pass the slope leading to the green on the top of the hill and can see Hanoi from afar. When golfers successfully conquered 18 holes of Sky course, they began to switch to 18 holes of Lake course with higher difficulty, requiring technique and absolute concentration.

sky lake golf resort hanoi

Completing 36 holes at Sky Lake is also the time when golfers finish their journey to conquer themselves and enjoy a perfect day with friends and family right at Sky Lake restaurant in a peaceful space, overlooking Beautiful view of the Lake yard and the scenery of the suburbs of Hanoi.


“Enchanting natural beauty” and “holes that challenge players’ desire to conquer” are the compliments that golfers have for Skylake Resort & Golf Club. That is once again confirmed when Skylake Resort & Golf Club ranks in the Top 10 leading golf courses in Vietnam for 8 consecutive years and Top 5 most challenging golf courses in Vietnam 2016 – 2017 by the Vietnam National Administration of Tourism and Magazine. voted by the US Golf Digest magazine.

Sky Lake golf course is located in a beautiful land of Chuong My district, Hanoi. Through the talented hands of Korean architect Ahn Moon Hwan with over 30 years of experience in golf course design, Sky Lake was erected as a picture that awakens all emotions. The golf holes are surrounded by pristine limestone mountains, right in the middle of the Lake course is Van Son lake, fresh and cool water. Coming here, players can not only be entertained, exercise, but also live in an airy and peaceful atmosphere. This has been the top choice for many golfers who love to play golf in Hanoi.

sky lake golf resort hanoi

Sky Lake Golf Courses is designed into two standard 18-hole golf courses: Sky course and Lake course. Lake course opened in 2012 with challenging holes, requiring high concentration of players. Slightly different in design, the Sky course opened to guests in 2014 is a bit more challenging for golfers because of the wider fairway and different heights. Although there are differences in design, both yards have in common that they are always meticulously cared for, maintained, and planted with quality grass to ensure all players will enjoy their golf tours in Hanoi.

A comfortable clubhouse is located within the premises, giving golfers a comfortable relaxation. In addition, Sky Lake Golf Club in Hanoi also offers golfers and their families the standard Wyndham Sky Lake Resort & Villas resort with 120 quality rooms, located right in the heart of the golf course to the comfort with many attractive local services. That helps golfers can bring their whole family and friends to enjoy a wonderful golf tours in Hanoi at Sky Lake Golf Resort.

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