silk path dong trieu golf courses

Silk Path Dong Trieu Golf Course Will Add Wings To Local Economic Development

Silk Path Dong Trieu Golf Course

BLUEBELL TOURS VIETNAM – Silk Path Dong Trieu Golf Course will become one of the best golf courses in Vietnam and this is another golf courses by Sir Nick Faldo. Planed to finish in 2023, Silk Path Dong Trieu Golf Courses will be another choice for golfers who are looking for golf tours in Vietnam. Designed by Nick Faldo, closed to Ha Long Bay, Silk Path Dong Trieu Golf Course will be wonderful to play golf in Vietnam and visit Ha Long Bay in the same time.


In the context that Dong Trieu district is promoting the local tourism economy, when the Silk Path Dong Trieu golf course project comes into operation, it will further contribute to the regional economic development as well as attract more golfers who love to play golf in Vietnam.

Dong Trieu town is located in the west of Quang Ninh province, this is the intersection of the key economic triangle of the North: Hanoi – Hai Phong – Quang Ninh. Starting from an agricultural district, however, with rich mineral resources, mainly coal, clay, and sand, Dong Trieu helps create momentum for the development of the cement, ceramics, building materials and manufacturing industries. power output…

silk path dong trieu golf courses

In addition to the mining industry, in recent years, leaders of Dong Trieu town have boldly turned tourism into a new economic sector in the area. With the strength of being home to many historical and cultural relics, famous landmarks, including the Tran Dynasty Special National Monument in Dong Trieu, combined with traditional craft village tourism and village tourism. Dong Trieu has identified the path of culture and tourism development as one of the key tasks in socio-economic development. As a result, Dong Trieu’s economic growth has increased significantly in recent years, making the town one of the fastest growing localities in Quang Ninh.

With the policy of promoting the development of the “smoke-free” industry, in addition to the above-mentioned strengths, the economy of Dong Trieu Town will certainly have new steps in the future when the Silk Path Dong Trieu golf course project goes on sale into operation.

The project invested by Silk Path Golf Course Joint Stock Company officially broke ground for construction last weekend in Khe Che, An Sinh commune, a tourist destination of Dong Trieu town with mountainous terrain, the same background. diverse climates. With 27 holes of golf, of which 18 are qualified to hold world-class tournaments, 9 holes are especially suitable for beginners. Silk Path Dong Trieu Golf Courses will definitely be a destination not to be missed by golfers in Quang Ninh province, as well as golfers in Hanoi, Hai Phong, Hai Duong and Bac Ninh. In the context that the number of golfers is increasing rapidly, but the number of golf courses has not developed commensurately, this will be an attractive option for golf lovers who are looking for something special for golf tours in Vietnam.

silk path dong trieu golf courses

As the first golf project implemented, Silk Path is very focused on quality. This is shown by their selection of a top designer in the world, Sir Nick Faldo, along with an investment of more than VND 1,200 billion. With a very reputable name, and a large amount of money spent, Silk Path will not only attract the domestic market, but also succeed in potential markets such as Korea, Australia, America and Europe. This is entirely possible because Silk Path is already a well-known brand in the travel service business. Along with that, they also cooperate with Everygolf Media, a company that can be strong in golf marketing and communication. Everygolf’’s participation as a strategic partnership to bring regional golf communication internationally. Everygolf will collaborate with Nick Faldo’s media team to bring great influence to the promotion of the destination. This will help the image of Silk Path Dong Trieu golf courses be professionally exploited, as well as be promoted more widely through many forms. Having golf tours from foreign guests will help the tourism industry in Dong Trieu in particular and Quang Ninh in general develop more. Because these tourists not only play golf, but they also have the habit of visiting the landscapes and monuments around the golf course. Things that Dong Trieu and Quang Ninh do not lack.

silk path dong trieu golf courses

Along with the golf course, the project of Silk Path Joint Stock Company also develops more accommodation works, entertainment areas, high-class eco-resort space according to 5-star standards. To operate all these items requires a large amount of personnel and then creates a lot of jobs and jobs for local people. Currently, the main source of income of local people, accounting for 96%, is from agro-forestry production. The average per capita income is 48 million VND/person/year, mainly from dairy farming and Na Dai farming, jobs that are heavily influenced by weather and seasonal factors. Obviously, if working in a golf course and resort project on a large scale in the area, people will certainly have a much higher and more stable source of income.

Along with increasing the income of local people working in the yard, the households around the yard also have the opportunity to improve their income by serving players who spend their golf tours in Vietnam. When Silk Path Dong Trieu Golf Courses comes into operation, forms such as golfing business and restaurants will be a service area that people can open to serve players. This is the pattern we’ve all seen around golf courses in Vietnam.

silk path dong trieu golf courses

It can be expected that the appearance of Silk Path Dong Trieu golf course project will be an important milestone contributing significantly to the comprehensive economic and tourism development of Dong Trieu in particular, as well as Quang Ninh province and surrounding areas approach in general.

Located in Dong Trieu Town where is about 30 km from Ha Long Bay, designed by Sir Nick Faldo who have built excellent, high-end golf courses in Vietnam and of courses, Silk Path Dong Trieu Golf Courses will be a great choice for golfers all over the world who are looking for some great experience to play golf in Vietnam. In the very near future, Silk Path Dong Trieu Golf Courses will be in operation and this is the wonderful choice for golf tours in Vietnam.