vietnam golf 2023

Vietnam Golf Association Announces National Tournament System 2023

Vietnam Golf Tournament 2023

BLUEBELL TOURS VIETNAM – The Vietnam Golf Association (VGA) has officially announced the national tournament system in 2023, aiming to change both quality and quantity. Vietnam Golf Tournament 2023 will be the chance for all golfers to challenge as well as enjoy playing golf in Vietnam.

Accordingly, there are 7 professional tournaments under the VGA Tour instead of 5 as in 2022. The national amateur tournament system expands to improve quality when increasing the number of foreign golfers. In addition, there will be a golf tournament system for children called VGA Junior Tour with a series of 8 tournaments held in all 3 regions of the North – Central – South.

In 2023, the opening VGA Tour will be the Lexus Challenge taking place in February with a bonus of 2 billion VND, and the Vietnam Open taking place in September will also increase its prize money from 1.2 billion to 1.7 billion. copper. The National Championship and Nam A Bank Vietnam Masters tournaments continue to be held with the maintained prize money of 1.2 billion VND.

Two new tournaments on the VGA Tour schedule are the Classic taking place in April, especially the national fighting championship (Vietnam Match Play Championship) formerly belonging to the amateur tournament system will be included in the system of VGA Tour from now on. from 2023 for both amateur and professional athletes to participate. The Vietnam Match Play Championship will be held in May. After 6 tournaments, the best golfers will compete in the VGA Tour Championship season-ending tournament in December.

vietnam golf 2023

The VGA Union Cup will be the opening event for the 2023 national amateur championship season. The competition between the South and North Handicap 2 singles golfers will take place at Heron Lake Golf Course & Resort from March 22-25. this is the 6th time VGA Union Cup is held. Following the VGA Union Cup, there will be a national middle-aged championship held in April and the 2023 national amateur championship system will end in July with a series of 3 open Vietnam youth men’s and women’s championships. wide.

VGA Junior Tour is an important highlight of the Vietnam Golf Association in 2023. The youth tournament system is a long-standing desire and will be realized with 8 tournaments. The tournament will be held alternately in 3 regions North – Central – South with many different competition formats and a separate scoring system for golfers. This is a great effort from the Vietnam Golf Association to create a playground for young golfers, tournaments will be prioritized to be held on weekends to make it most convenient for golfers to attend.

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