golf courses in vietnam

Golf Courses in Vietnam: Another Greg Norman’s Golf Courses Being Built in Vietnam

Van Lang Empire Golf Club – Greg Norman Courses in Vietnam

BLUEBELL TOURS VIETNAM – Van Lang Empire Golf Club will be another Greg Norman Courses in Vietnam; being built in Tam Nong District, Phu Tho Province. Van Lang Empire Golf Club is about 85 km from center of Hanoi city. When it is done, golfers will have another choice to enjoy luxury golf tours in Hanoi. On his trip to survey of Van Lang Empire Golf Club, Greg Norman made an impressive swing.


The field survey of Van Lang Empire golf course project by famous golf course designer Greg Norman is one of the important steps to complete the project design drawing, according to the contract signed between T&T Group and Mr. Greg Norman. Accordingly, Greg Norman and T&T Golf will create Van Lang Empire Golf Club into “world class” standards – international class but still bearing Vietnamese identity, in order to make Vietnam a great destination to experience golfing. When the project has done, it will be another excellent choice for Vietnamese and international golfers who love to enjoy hi-end golf tours in Vietnam.

Greg Norman is famous for his design philosophy towards sustainability, fully retaining the inherent beauty that nature bestows, making the most of the terrain, topography and natural features of each locality to create unique designs. The golf course is full of challenges that any golfer wants to try and conquer.

golf courses in vietnam

Van Lang Empire Golf Course in Vietnam is the crystallization of Greg Norman’s own philosophies, combined with the valuable experience of nearly half a century as a professional golfer and from the perspective of a tourism ambassador. According to Mr. Greg Norman, T&T Group is one of the leading multi-industry private economic groups in Vietnam, with strong financial potential, brand reputation and international management experience.

The cooperation with T&T Group will contribute to the creation of quality, professional and high-class golf courses in Vietnam as well as golf services, contributing to bringing the Vietnamese golf brand to the world, attracting the attention and experience of golf players from all over the World who love to enjoy hi-end golf tours in Vietnam at top quality golf courses in Vietnam.

“We find common ground when pursuing the philosophy of sustainable development and creating values for the community and society. This is also consistent with the current development trend of the world golf industry,” emphasized Mr. Greg Norman.


Van Lang Empire Golf Course IN Vietnam has a scale of about 168 hectares, located in Tam Nong District, Phu Tho Province, Northern Vietnam. This golf courses are invested by T&T Group and developed by T&T Golf. This golf project has the largest scale in Phu Tho province to date, and is expected to become the leading 36-hole world-class golf courses in Vietnam.

This is the first golf project under the T&T Golf brand to be launched in the market after T&T Group researches and learns about the golf industry, grasps sustainable golf development trends as well as cooperates with other golf clubs.

Typically, the cooperation with famous golf course designer Greg Norman, and the golf course construction management consulting company Flagstick Asia – owns a portfolio of more than 90 golf course construction projects in dozens of countries, or the famous landscape design consultant Belt Collin…

golf courses in vietnam

“With the support of the locality, methodical investment, strategic vision and cooperation with leading partners of the golf industry, we expect Van Lang Empire Golf Courses in Vietnam to become the leading golf course in the North of Vietnam and make an impressive presence on the world golf map. Thereby, the project contributes to promoting the socio-economic development of Phu Tho province in particular and Vietnam’s tourism industry in general,” shared Mr. Do Vinh Quang

Also on this occasion, Mr. Ho Dai Dung – Vice Chairman of Phu Tho Provincial People’s Committee – assessed that Van Lang Empire Golf Courses in Vietnam, after going into operation, will make great contributions to the socio-economic development – culture tourism of Tam Nong district in particular and Phu Tho province in general. This place will become a tourist highlight of the land of the ancestors, a bridge and contribute to spreading and promoting cultural, historical and original values to a large number of people nationwide and international tourists. Especially for golfers, this will be an wonderful place to enjoy luxury golf tours in Vietnam.

In addition to the goal of building a 36-hole golf course according to “world class” standards, at Van Lang Empire Golf Courses in Vietnam, T&T Golf will develop a golf academy to seek and train talented and professional golfers for Vietnam golf industry. This is also a place to help golfers have the opportunity to access golf training programs according to international standards.

“In fact, youth training centers are not properly invested and are not strong enough to train athletes to participate in international competitions. With the long-term commitment of T&T Group, this place will become In addition, world tournaments as well as many prestigious tournaments in Vietnam will also be held at Van Lang Empire golf course.” Le Hung Nam believes.

Regarding the future direction, the leader of T&T Group said that after Van Lang Empire Golf Courses in Vietnam, In the next 5 years, this group will invest in 3 more golf courses in Vietnam associated with large-scale resort urban areas in localities with tourism strengths. These will be regional linkage projects, creating motivation to attract tourists who both come to relax and play golf in Vietnam.

In the context that golf is considered a potential field of the green economy, international standard golf courses with Vietnamese identity such as Van Lang Empire Golf Courses in Vietnam not only become an important highlight contributing to Vietnam’s golf brand in global integration, but also an important bridge to promote the image of the country and people of Vietnam to world.