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Orchid Premium Cruises Ha Long Bay

BLUEBELL TOURS VIETNAM – Orchid Premium Cruises is a luxury cruise in Ha Long Bay, Vietnam. Reaching 5-star quality standards, this is the ideal choice for a luxury tour in Ha Long Bay, Vietnam; discovering the magical beauty of Ha Long Bay – a natural wonder of the world. Orchid Premium Cruise owns a luxurious and unique design, inspired by Asian style combined with French neoclassical style. High quality service, worthy of being the first choice for a cruise in Ha Long Bay, Vietnam.



Possessing a proud beauty, combining traditional Asian architectural features and elegant and luxurious style of French neoclassical architecture. Prioritizing privacy, Orchid Premium Cruise in Ha Long Bay, Vietnam has only 5 extremely spacious and luxurious rooms. Rooms from 45 to 65 square meters are decorated in neoclassical style. All furniture is extremely luxurious and meets 5-star quality standards.

Each room has its own bedroom and bathroom. The large windows and made entirely of glass provide a wonderful view of Ha Long Bay. You can relax and enjoy the beautiful scenery of Ha Long Bay at any moment. All rooms on Orchid Premium Cruises have a private balcony. This is a great place to enjoy the perfect beauty of Ha Long Bay at sunrise or sunset.

Accompanied by luxurious and high-class bedrooms, you will enjoy and experience 5-star service quality on Orchid Premium Cruises. All meals are prepared by renowned chefs. Carefully selected and meticulously prepared dishes include traditional Vietnamese dishes, European dishes and seafood dishes.

More specifically, on the rooftop of Orchid Premium Cruises Ha Long Bay, you can enjoy and relax at the Jacuzzi, Piano bar with a variety of drinks prepared in a unique style. In addition, you will be able to participate in sightseeing activities, visit Ha Long Bay with an extremely interesting schedule such as visiting famous caves on the bay, kayaking, canoeing, cooking lessons, as well as joining Tai Chi on the rooftop early in the morning.


As a luxury cruises and designed to bring guests the most perfect experience on Ha Long Bay, Vietnam; Orchid Premium Cruise has only 5 spacious rooms and is divided into three types of rooms.

Terrace Suite

45 square meters wide, with a private balcony, located on the first floor of the yacht. The terrace suite is equipped with a private bathroom, entertainment and music space; Satellite TV and full amenities according to 5-star hotel standards. The terrace suite is suitable for two adults and one child.

Premium Terrace Suite

There are two Premium terrace suites on the yacht and are located on the second floor. Each room measures 48 square meters and is also suitable for two adults and one child. Premium terrace suite is equipped with private bathroom, entertainment space and music; Satellite TV and full amenities according to 5-star hotel standards. Because it is located on the second floor, from the balcony, you can enjoy the beautiful scenery of Ha Long Bay in the most ideal way.

Orchid Premium Exclusive Suite

There is only one Orchid Premium Exclusive Suite on the cruises in Ha Long Bay. This is the most luxurious room, measuring up to 65 square meters and also only for two adults and one child. The Premium Exclusive suite is equipped with a private bathroom, entertainment and music space; Satellite TV and full amenities according to 5-star hotel standards. In particular, this room is located at the bow of the ship and has the most wonderful relaxing space. You can enjoy the panoramic view of Ha Long Bay, Vietnam at any time.


All meals are included according to the schedule. Meals include one breakfast, two lunches and one dinner. Meals include appetizers, main courses and desserts. Main dishes include pork, chicken, beef, seafood… are all processed according to Vietnamese traditional culinary art, European culinary style. Experienced chefs and professional cooking courses ensure that guests will enjoy extremely unique and delicious meals.

You can also enjoy excellent drinks, prepared by professional bartenders. There are many choices for you from imported wines to spirits, beers, cocktails… However, drinks are not included in the service price, you will have to pay for drinks you order from the bar. After dinner, you relax at the Piano Bar on the rooftop, enjoy the fresh air in Ha Long Bay and the drinks will be a great experience for a 5-star luxury tour in Ha Long Bay, Vietnam.


As the guests on one of the most luxurious 5-star cruises in Ha Long Bay, you participating in the Ha Long Bay cruise program on Orchid Premium Cruise will experience interesting sightseeing activities that make your trip more enjoyable, more meaningful and fulfilled.

You will enjoy the magical beauty of Ha Long Bay while cruising, visit Sung Sot cave, Luon cave. Kayaking to explore the pristine and extremely beautiful beaches on Ha Long Bay. You also visit the fishing village by bamboo boat, discover the life of fishermen living, farming and catching seafood in Ha Long Bay. In addition, you can participate in cooking lessons demonstrated by the chef on the cruise.


Orchid Premium Cruise offers you three options: Explore Ha Long Bay, Vietnam in 2 days and 3 days. The 2 day/one-night program is the most popular choice. You will enjoy wonderful relaxing moments on the 5-star yacht. Visit surprised cave, Vung Vieng fishing village. You can choose to visit the fishing village by kayak or bamboo boat. For those who love adventure, kayaking to visit fishing villages is a great choice. You also visit the surprised cave. Overnight on a boat at Hang Trong or a quiet sea area around Titop beach area.

Are you looking for a wonderful experience while traveling in Vietnam, exploring Ha Long Bay with a unique experience, exciting itinerary with high quality of service, Orchid Premium Cruise is definitely the perfect choice for your tours in Ha Long Bay, Vietnam.

As a travel agency with many years of experience in serving international tourists, Bluebell Tours Vietnam is a partner of many cruises in Ha Long Bay as well as Orchid Premium Cruises. Bluebell Tours Vietnam is committed to bringing you a great stay at the best price. To have a great trip in Ha Long Bay, please fill out the form below for the best tours in Ha Long Bay as well as tours in Vietnam.



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