Mu Cang Chai Wonderful For Trekking Tour Vietnam

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Mu Cang Chai – Great For Trekking Tour Vietnam

BLUEBELL TOURS VIETNAM – Mu Cang Chai is wonderful for trekking tour Vietnam where is far more better than Sapa now as Mu Cang Chai is still untouched, wild and Mu Cang Chai is not affected by development as in Sapa at the moment. For travelers who love trekking tour Vietnam, Mu Cang Chai is a great choice and perfect alternative for Sapa – a famous destination for adventure tour Vietnam.


Mu Cang Chai is a rural district of Yen Bai Province, Northern Vietnam. The town is at the West of Yen Bai City, around 185 km away from the center of the city and 365 km from Hanoi. As it is on the mountain area therefore most of natural geography is mountains, connecting to Hoang Lien Son Mountain Range with the highest peak is Fansipan Mountain in Sapa, Vietnam. Through it is the mountain area in Vietnam but there are also valleys where most of local people live, the famous one must be mentioned is Cao Pha Rice Field at the height of 650 meter. The highest peak of Mu Cang Chai is Lung Cung belong to Nam Co Village at the height of 2963 meters. As it unique natural geography, Mu Cang Chai is so famous for most of travelers who love adventure tour Vietnam, travel Vietnam is the rice terraces in Mu Cang Chai.

Before, if talking about the rice terraces in Vietnam, most of travelers would think of Sapa or Ha Giang Province, Vietnam but today, more and more travelers are looking for adventure tour Mu Cang Chai – an excellent place for trekking tour Vietnam as well as enjoy amazing landscapes of rice terraces which have been recognized as National Heritage of Vietnam due to is beauty. The weather in Mu Cang Chai is also perfect for trekking tour Vietnam, the temperature is around 18 degree Celsius, of courses, during the winter, the temperature can drop below 10 degree Celsius.

Recently, more and more travelers complain about the commercial and too much developing and construction in Sapa which spoil the nature and the beauty of Sapa, Vietnam, Sapa has been a very famous travel destinations in Vietnam, wonderful for trekking tour Vietnam but now, Mu Cang Chai is truly a better choice.

Not only offering amazing natural landscapes, beautiful rice terraces, Mu Cang Chai is the home of 12 different ethnic groups which make the area become more interesting and attractive to travelers who love trekking tour Mu Cang Chai where they can enjoy their adventure tour Vietnam, discover local culture, meet friendly local during their travel Vietnam.

As it is the home of many different hill tribe groups like H’mong, Dao People, Thai People… and each of these has their own cultural with many interesting traditional festivals. Especially travelers enjoy the tour Mu Cang Chai during the beginning of Vietnam traditional new year, there are plenty chances to attend these festival in Mu Cang Chai during the adventure tour Vietnam.


As stated before, Mu Cang Chai is 356 km from Hanoi. The best way to get to the area is by bus or rent a car with driver or join the tour organized by travel company in Hanoi will be great choice with everything is planned in advance as well as avoid any trouble for Mu Cang Chai Tour Vietnam. Individual traveler can take the buses from My Dinh then go to Yen Bai City, take another bus to Mu Cang Chai Town.

For adventure travelers, many of them love to enjoy motorbike tour to Mu Cang Chai from Hanoi. Instead of taking the main road National Highway No2, it is a lot more beautiful to enjoy the ride via the path along the Red River to Mu Cang Chai. There are a few places to rent motorbike in Hanoi for adventure tour Mu Cang Chai Vietnam.


Khau Pha Pass: This is the most wonderful experience while taking adventure tour Vietnam in this area. The Khau Pha Pass is connected with Road 32, via Tu Le – a famous travel destinations in Vietnam in Yen Bai Province as well as. From Khau Pha Pass, it is amazing to enjoy mountains, rice terraces, hill tribe villages. It is will be fantastic if travelers can stay a bit later to enjoy brilliant sunset over the whole area, awesome experience for Vietnam travel.

Tu Le Valley: Tu Le is a district in Yen Bai Province, on the way to Mu Cang Chai. Tu Le is famous for its beautiful rice fields and famous stick rice. Located in the valley, Tu Le is truly amazing to take a short break or even stay overnight in homestay in Te Le to enjoy excellent experience for the adventure tour Vietnam.

Lim Mong Village: This is one of the villages of H’mong People. Lim Mong Village is on very high side of the mountains with the most picturesque rice terraces in Mu Cang Chai. This more for hard core adventure travelers who love the most adventurous experience for their trekking tour Vietnam and trekking tour Mu Cang Chai.

La Pan Tan Village: In the whole area, La Pan Tan is the best place to enjoy amazing view of rice terraces, hill tribe villages. It is truly beautiful.

Village of Thai People: This village is just one km from center of Mu Cang Chai Town and this is wonderful to enjoy a walk or easy trekking tour Mu Cang Chai, especially for more leisure travelers. Enjoy the walk through villages, experience daily life, visit house on stilt will be wonderful experience for Vietnam Travel in Mu Cang Chai.


There are quite a number of hotels in Mu Cang Chai but most of them are small and just more like for basic not really something luxury or deluxe. Of courses, Mu Cang Chai is still untouched therefore it is no reason to stay in luxury hotels in Mu Cang Chai. Below are some hotels that travelers can choose. Beside hotels, travelers can choose homestay as well:
Mu Cang Chai Eco Lodge, Hello Mu Cang Chai Homestay, Mù Cang Homestay, Ngọc Thúy Homestay, Hong Minh Guest Houses, Khau Pha Guest Houses…


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