Where to golf in Hanoi and What Golf Courses to Play?

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Where to golf in Hanoi / What Courses to Play?

BLUEBELL TOURS VIETNAM – Where to golf in Hanoi? Hanoi is the great destination for golf tours in Vietnam. There are many wonderful golf courses around Hanoi for players to enjoy the best golfing holidays in Vietnam at best golf courses around Ha noi. The natural geography and terrains leave great advantages to build amazing golf courses. Many courses are listed as most beautiful, luxury as well as most challenging golf courses in Vietnam. Below is the list where to play golf in Hanoi.

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As Hanoi is the capital city of Vietnam therefore, it is the great destination for tours and holidays in Vietnam in general. Hanoi is rich in history and culture, with more than one thousand years of developing; there are so many fascinating sightseeing for travelers to explore while traveling to Vietnam. It is wonderful to discover Ha noi for a few days, visiting famous places, interesting cultural and historical areas or just wondering around Hanoi Old Quarter will be attractive for tours in Vietnam.

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Hanoi is not only ideal for holidays in Vietnam but it is also perfect place to play golf in Vietnam, especially for golfers who are trying to find out where to play golf in Vietnam. Most of players from all other the world, both leisure and sport golfers will find Hanoi is truly wonderful golfing destining in Vietnam. Offering players many luxury golf courses the area with spectacular landscapes, perfect designing, high quality greens, excellent services and modern facilities then it is quite easy to find where to play golf in Hanoi, Vietnam.

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Most of players who have been to Hanoi and enjoyed Hanoi Golf Tour must agree that Van Tri Golf Club is one of the best and luxury golf courses in Ha noi. Van Tri Golf Courses are premier, high quality; offer luxury services and very modern facilities, well maintained which ensure that Van Tri Golf Club is always in perfect condition to enjoy luxury golf tours Vietnam all year around no matter which season or what type of weather in the North of Vietnam. Designed by Peter Rousseau, offering players 18-hole international championship golf courses in the city, Van Tri Golf Club is an ideal choice. It is located very near to center of city, just at the other side of Red River; Van Tri Golf Club is setting in peaceful countryside, just 20 minutes of driving from center of Hanoi to where play golf Hanoi. Luxury, high-end services, excellent support from staff, caddies, Vam Tri Golf Courses is the best and most luxury golf courses in Vietnam.

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For those who are looking for where to enjoy the best Hanoi Golf Tour with something interesting and challenging then Skylake Golf Resort is another choice to enjoy wonderful luxury golf tours in Vietnam. BRG Sky Lake Golf Resort is truly amazing to play golf Vietnam. Located in beautiful valley and mountain area in Chuong My District, surrounded by Van Son Lake which adds in the beauty to the golf courses and it is great place where to enjoy golfing Hanoi. Designed by Ahn Moon Hwan who had taken the most advantages of location, natural vegetation, mountains to turn BRG Skylake Resort to be one of the most beautiful golf courses in Vietnam. Offering 36-hole golf courses in Hanoi with Paspalum grass, beautiful mountains at the backdrop, luxury club house, restaurant, locker rooms and other services, BRG Skylake Golf Club is the right place.

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Another great choice to enjoy Hanoi Golf Tour is Tam Dao Golf Club which is about 45 km from Ha noi. With the new freeway, it is a lot more easy and convenience to travel to Tam Dao Golf Resort from Hanoi – great destination to Golf Tour Vietnam. The golf courses are located on foot of Tam Dao Mountain Range which leaves Tam Dao Golf Courses many advantages to be the most beautiful golf courses in Vietnam. Designed by IMG, offering 18-hole golf courses on an area of more than 7200 yards with stunning views of mountains, natural lakes and wonderful valley, Tam Dao Golf Resort is amazing place to enjoy challenging and luxury golf tours Vietnam where players need to perform well to conquer all the holes located on the side of mountains.

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Another wonderful choice must be BRG King’s Island Golf Resort which is located in Dong Mo Lake. This is one of the most challenging golf courses in Vietnam where players will surely have a great day to enjoy golf tour Ha noi, Offering players three golf courses: Mountain Courses, Lakeside Course and King Course, BRG King’s Island Resort is now 54-hole courses and it is the first place where to play golf Vietnam at night time. As it owns spectacular landscapes, beautifully designed by Robert McFarland with amazing concept and styles not only bring luxury golf courses in Hanoi but also the most challenging place to play golf in Vietnam. Just 45 minutes of traveling from center of Hanoi, BRG King Island Courses are ideal to enjoy great golf tours in Ha noi.

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Other great golf courses to enjoy excellent Hanoi golf tours must be Chi Linh Golf Club. Designed by Independent Golf Course Services, offering 27-hole International championship golf courses in Vietnam, Chi Linh Golf Club is in Sao Do Town, Hai Duong Province. Situated in beautiful valley with spectacular natural lakes, mountains; Chi Linh Club is wonderful and this is one of the most beautiful golf courses in Vietnam. For players who love Golfing in Vietnam and explore Ha Long Bay during luxury tours in Vietnam, Chi Linh Star Club is ideal choice to play on the way to Ha Long Bay or on the way back Ha noi city.

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There are a few other choices to enjoy golf tours like Dai Lai Resort, Song Gia  resort in Hai Phong, BRG Legend Hill Club. Players are looking for where to play golf Northern Vietnam to enjoy exclusive golf tours in Vietnam, Hanoi is the right choice and great golfing destination in South East Asia where players will enjoy wonderful golfing experience at best and most luxury golf courses in Vietnam.

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