First VIP Private Flights Con Dao – Holiday Paradise

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First VIP Private Flights to Con Dao – Vietnam Holiday Paradise

BLUEBELL TOURS VIETNAM – First VIP Private Flights to Con Dao, the paradise for relaxing holidays in Vietnam. The luxury private flights to Con Dao Island are carried by Vietstar from Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi, Da Nang in Vietnam. Travelers from other parts in Asia can also enjoy VIP private flights to Con Dao Island by Legacy 600 and King Air 350. The luxury flights to Con Dao Island is the cooperation between the Vietstar and Six Senses Con Dao resort.


The journey that awakens your sixth sense begins with the finest private aviation service in Vietnam. Descending into a discreet luxury hideaway where seclusion and privacy are paramount. Located on a private bay within a National Park, Six Senses Con Dao Resort secluded location offers guests the chance to synchronize and harmonize their inner selves with the natural environment that envelops them. Six Senses Con Dao Resort – top luxury resort in Vietnam sits beside a turtle hatchery, where guests can marvel at their release. Six Senses Con Dao has become a symbol of Vietnam’s preservation of its most precious destinations.

Operated by Vietstar, one of Vietnam’s leading air charter companies, this private air service offers guest to fly from either Ho Chi Minh City or any other locations within the region to Con Dao archipelago. It is believed to be the very first of Vietnam’s new initiatives to arrive at this hidden island, making it more accessible than ever. A VIP boarding service and a private lounge access can be included to satisfy the most demanding travelers and take the whole journey to a new era of exclusivity. The aircraft ail able can provide charter flights within the region to the island and carry up to 13 guests in the utmost comfort for their tour Vietnam.

Travelers who love to enjoy luxury tours in Vietnam can choose either of these types of aircrafts for the luxury private flights to Con Dao Island.
Legacy 600: Offering 13-seater, operates a direct charter flight within a 9-hour flight radius to Con Dao Airport (VCS) on Con Dao Island including Hanoi, cities in China (Shanghai, Beijing, etc), Japan (Tokyo) and Korea (Seoul).

King Air 350: Offering 8-seats, operates a direct charter flight between Tan Son Nhat Airport (SGN) in Ho Chi Minh City to Con Dao Airport (VCS) on Con Dao island and vice versa.
The private aircrafts in Vietnam to Con Dao island are taken to a higher level with luxurious personalized service offered to meet each individual’s needs. All itineraries include extensive options and activities, allowing travelers to customize private flights to Con Cao Island the experience to match their own interests. On-air resort check-in helps you reduce waiting time, and maintains a privacy, while in-flight entertainments keep our little guests excited during the forty-minute flight. A range of entertainment activities are on offer to pamper the VIP Private Flights to Con Dao Island in Vietnam.


VIP Private Flights to Con Dao Island in Vietnam is designed around individual availability, and we endeavor wherever possible to provide a 24/7 on demand service. Flights originating from Ho Chi Minh City or other locations within Vietnam will require a minimum of 24 working hours’ notice (excluding holidays and weekends).

For international private flights to Con Dao Island within the region, it is highly recommend that passengers pre-order at least 3 days in advance. Travelers can even tailor the transfer service to the airport where all the logistics of car transportation and meeting points will be taken care of by support team in Ho Chi Minh City. Get to the airport on time with our luxury vehicle and a professional driver. Sit back and relax before VIP private flights to Con Dao Island with a glass of champagne and light snacks served in the car. Due to the limitation of the local runway, all flights to Con Dao Island are only able to be scheduled during day time, from 6:00 am to 5:00 pm.


Located off the southern coast of Vietnam, just a 45-minute flight from Ho Chi Minh City, untouched by the rapid development of the mainland, Con Dao Island remains a pristine gem. Comprised of 16 mostly uninhabited islands and islets, with 80 percent of the land area of the islands a National Park, magnificent landscapes are all set in a natural splendor – wonderful for luxury tours Vietnam.

This is the ideal destination for those who expect the ultimate in serenity and seclusion for their luxury holidays in Vietnam. Apart from striking natural surroundings, Con Dao Island rewards travelers with some of the most beautiful and idyllic beaches in Vietnam. Con Dao islands are well-known for soft sandy beaches, clear alluring water with shades ranging from light turquoise to deep blue, and healthy coral reefs. One thing is for certain: the beaches here will never be crowded – this is the privilege for luxury tours in Vietnam. The well-preserved condition and absolute seclusion make this hidden gem stand out from other nine popular spots in the list. The lesser-known element now becomes the island’s advantage as it inspires travelers to discover one of a few untouched paradises left in Asia.


The beauty of Dat Doc beach where the one and only five-star resort of the archipelago located, is truly unparalleled. Flanked by dramatic Lo Voi Mountain and darkly green forested surrounds, Six Senses Con Dao Resort features unspoiled natural scenery, perfect for luxury Vietnam tours. The secluded property prides itself on its unsurpassed sense of privacy, making it a perfect place for a private island retreat. 50 villas and residences are contemporary in design and embrace the essence of a traditional fishing village. Each villa and residence offers a fantastic view of the ocean with its own private pool so guests can completely immerse themselves in an Out-Of-Ordinary experience at Six Senses Con Dao Resort, all without the crowds. There are choices of one, three and four-bedroom configurations along the beachfront or with ocean view for both couples and families – wonderful for relaxing, luxury holidays in Vietnam.


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